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On this page you will find the most important information for a safe stay in Flims Laax Falera. In addition to the latest Covid-19 measures, test opportunities in the region are also listed.

This page is constantly updated and expanded.

General Information

Here in LAAX, we want to provide a safe and unforgettable mountain experience to all, that is why we have focused on "digital first". Tickets are available via the INSIDE LAAX app or in the webshop.

Certificate requirement
The 2G regulation (vaccinated and recovered from the age of 16) applies to the following areas; culture, leisure, sport, restaurants and events. In these areas, there is also an obligation to wear a mask or to sit down when consuming. It is up to the establishments to voluntarily introduce a 2G+ regulation. Please contact the establishment in advance to find out about the regulations.

The 2G+ regulation (vaccinated/genetically tested in the last 4 months or vaccinated/genetically tested with a negative result) applies to the following areas: discos, indoor swimming pools, bars, intensive sports and brass bands. The mask requirement/seating requirement does not apply in these establishments. Check in advance with the respective establishment about the handling.

The 3G regulation (vaccinated, recovered and tested) applies to outdoor events with more than 300 people.

Masks requirement: 
A mask obligation prevails in all places where a certificate obligation exists. In addition, masks are compulsory in indoor areas and gondola halls as well as gondola and aerial cableways.
No masks are required for persons under 12 years of age. Establishments with 2G+ regulations are exempt from the mask obligation. 

From Monday, 20 December 2021, restaurants and bars may only be visited by vaccinated and recovered persons (2G). A valid certificate must be shown when entering.
In order to ensure that nobody stays hungry, various restaurants still offer a take away or delivery service. For selected restaurants you can order your meal directly via the INSIDE LAAX app.

test centre rocksresort
A walk-in test centre is available for you at the rocksresort Haus D in Laax Murschetg;

Monday - Sunday: 08.00 - 10.00 / 15.00 - 20.00

The test centre is expected to be open until the end of April, subject to change.

You can find more test facilities in the region in the list below.   

With simple rules, mutual consideration and a few small adjustments to our routine, nothing will stand in the way of an unforgettable mountain experience.

All you need to know

Digital first - buy tickets online

If you buy your ticket online, you avoid crowds and get to the mountain faster: a better guest experience with more security.

Buying online is very easy: select your ticket and date in the INSIDE LAAX app or at the webshop, then enter your keycard or SwissPass or alternatively book a​ keycard. Collect your ticket at one of the pick-up stations at the base stations and immediately walk to the lifts. This way you can book your day on the mountain from the comfort of your sofa and if you book early, you can be sure of the best price.

Step-by-step instructions

There is no obligation to obtain a certificate for cableways.  A capacity restriction of 70% applies to groups with 25 or more passengers. 
For the LSB1 Laax - Crap Sogn Gion, for example, this means the following: Normal occupancy: 120 persons, occupancy with capacity restriction: 80 persons.  

Conduct in the lifts - Mouth-nose cover
Mouth nose covers are no longer required on chairlifts and when queuing outdoors, but must still be worn indoors, in gondola halls and on gondola lifts.

Behavior while queuing
Masks are compulsory in all queuing situations in the interior area. In the INSIDE LAAX app you can see exactly how many people are waiting in line at any given lift ensuring that you can cleverly avoid crowded areas.

From Monday, 20th December 2021, further measures will apply at the restaurants;

Restaurant Terraces / Outdoor areas
For outdoor areas, operators are free to decide whether or not they also want to provide an access restriction for these. If an operator does not provide for any restriction of access in the outdoor area, either the required distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between groups of guests or a barrier must be installed.

Restaurant indoor areas
In restaurants and bars where the 2G rule (vaccinated, recovered) applies, seating is compulsory. Masks are not compulsory during consumption. If you leave your seat, you must wear a mask. A valid certificate must be presented upon entry. Persons under 16 years of age do not have to show a certificate. In restaurants and bars where the 2G+ rule (vaccinated and tested, recovered and tested) applies, there is no obligation to wear a mask or to sit down after the certification check. 

See which restaurants are currently open for you here;
Restaurants in the valley
Restaurants on the mountain

Take Away
Various restaurants on the mountain and in the valley offer a large take away offer.

Delivery Service​
If you don't want to bother stepping outside the door after a long day on the slopes, there are numerous restaurants with a delivery service. At the four LAAX Ghost Kitchen restaurants you can order your desired menu directly at home via the INSIDE LAAX app.

Hotels and holiday flats may continue to welcome guests - and also cater for them in their own restaurants.

In all indoor areas - also in hotels - a mouth and nose cover must be worn.

Further information such as GTCs and protection concepts can be obtained by guests directly from the respective hotel or accommodation facility.

We strongly recommend our guests to arrange travel insurance prior to travel.

The shops of the destination are open.

Behaviour in shops

A mouth-nose cover must be worn in all indoor areas, including all shops and rental facilities.​

Rental equipment​

The rental of sports equipment such as bikes works as usual. The rental equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use. Employees work with with nose cover. ​ ​

Further information​

Further information can be found directly at the respective establishment.

In case of doubt and/or symptoms of an infection with Covid-19, we kindly ask our guests to stay in their room and to inform the reception (if staying in a hotel). Further information and a Coronavirus check can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health. Doctors within the destination:

Emergency doctor Trin Flims Laax Falera

Doctors in Flims

Dr. Med. Durisch Ragettli​
Tel. 081 911 12 07

Dr. Med. Peter Reiser​
Tel. 081 911 13 13

Hausarztpraxis Prediger
Tel. 081 911 10 55

Doctors in Laax

Dr. Med. Josef Bürki​
Tel. 081 921 48 48​

Infoline of the Federal Office for Public Health

Tel. 058 463 00 00


Here you can find helpful links to official Covid-19 information:

Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

Kanton Graubünden

Q & A

Here you can find some answers to your questions about Covid-19.



If you have any questions, please contact the Covid-19 competence centre.

+41 (0)76 470 70 32


If you have any further questions about your stay in Flims Laax Falera, our Guest Care Team will be happy to assist you.