15th December 2022 to 17th April 2023

Elephant Parade® - LAAX Edition

During the winter season 2022/23, the international Elephant Parade® will be visiting Flims Laax Falera. A total of 60 artistically painted elephant statues can be found in over 10 herds on the mountain and in the valley. Each statue, life-size baby elephants, are hand-painted and unique. The Elephant Parade was created in cooperation with Claudia Knie's agency "Events in Motion".

First time in the snow

Since the Elephant Parade® began in 2006, the art elephants have travelled from exhibition venue to exhibition venue. Most of the time, these parades stopped in famous cities. But there is something very special about the Elephant Parade® - LAAX Edition. For the first time, the elephants are in a ski resort and therefore also for the first time in the snow!

On the mountain, the artificial elephants can be viewed directly from the edge of the piste during the ski day. In the valley, they stand next to winter hiking trails, valley stations or sights. 

All elephant sites and their elephants at a glance

Of the total of 60 elephants, 37 are distributed in six herds on the mountain. In addition to elephants that have already taken part in other parades, there are also new elephants. Ride from herd to herd and enjoy a great day on the slopes.

All herd locations are marked with an elephant symbol on the winter map.

Slope map

Crap Sogn Gion

The herd on Crap Sogn Gion is located directly below GALAAXY. A total of seven elephants enjoy the view of the valley.

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Freestyle Academy

You will also find cool elephants at the Freestyle Academy in Prau la Selva. An elephant goes particularly well with the Freestyle Academy.

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Mutta Rodunda

The herd with a total of 7 elephants enjoys a view of the UNESCO-World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona at Mutta Rodunda.

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Treetop walkway

Be curious on which platform of the treetop walkway the two elephants linger.

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Crest la Siala

There is another herd in the middle of the ski area. At Crest la Siala there are five elephants.

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Entrance treetop walkway

The elephants at the entrance to the treetop walkway enjoy the view of the Senda dil Dragun.

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You can also reach the herd on Plaun without skis or a snowboard. Take a trip with the Arena Express and marvel at the 9 elephants on Plaun.

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Right next to "Parc la Mutta", the largest megalithic site in Switzerland, is the Falera elephant herd with three elephants.

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Find the herd of elephants at rocksresort and marvel at the three elephants.

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Crap Masegn

The "Crap Masegn" herd is already clearly visible from the cable car. A short walk takes you directly to the five elephants.

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The "Vorab" herd is located at 2570 m.a.s.l. Higher than any other herd of the elephant Parade - LAAX Edition. 

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Flims Promenada

With a view towards the UNESCO-World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona, the elephants enjoy their location at Flims Promenada.

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Flims Bergbahnen

Three of the 60 elephants are located at the Flims Bergbahnen valley station, directly in front of the LAAX School office.

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KIDS Freestyle Academy

In the new KIDS Freestyle Academy there are two elephants of the herd. Mosha is very special, the Elephant Parade was founded because of her.

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International Elephant Parade®

Elephant Parade® is a social enterprise and runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Created by artists and celebrities, each Elephant statue is a unique art piece. The life-size, baby elephant statues are exhibited in international cities and raise awareness for the need of elephant conservation.

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Would you like to have a mini elephant in your home? At the Original in Laax as well as at the Guest information Flims and Laax you can buy elephants from the herd and an art box with an elephant to paint yourself.
The elephants are available in the following size:

  • 10cm | 68 CHF 
  • 15cm | 145 CHF
  • 20cm | 220 CHF
  • 30cm | 420 CHF


Story by Mosha and the elephant parade

The colourful painting of the artificial elephants hardly hints at the sad background story: While on holiday in Thailand, Marc Spits, founder of Elephant Parade, met a female baby elephant named Mosha who had lost part of her leg due to a landmine accident.  

Spits then founded Elephant Parade, which aims to raise awareness about the need to protect Asian elephants.


Painting competition

Take part in our painting competition and win a painting box with a white miniature elephant to paint yourself. 

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