28.01.2023 | 10.30 – 11.30 p.m.

Greeny Ynvitational – Movie Screening


At the end of January, the first ever Greeny Ynvitational by Flims local Janic Cathomen aka "Greeny" takes place. During this freeski film contest, selected teams demonstrate their freeskiing, filming and editing skills. 8 teams of 3 people each have 4 days to produce creative edits. The short films will be shown on Saturday, 28 January 2023 from 10.30 p.m. at Riders Lobby. Be there and vote for your favourite team afterwards on Downdays.eu. The winning team will walk away with a price of 2400 Swiss Francs!

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Event Details

Date | Saturday, 28 January 2023
Time | 10.30 till 11.30 p.m.
Location | Riders Lobby, Laax Murschetg
Admission | free

Team Overview


Here you can find an overview of all the teams and further down the individual rider portraits. You can vote for your favourite team on Downdays.eu from 6 p.m. on Monday, 30 January 2023.

Team 1 Dominik Rhyner | Sämi Ortlieb | Jennica Folkesson
Team 2 Pontus Penttilä | Anttu Oikkonen
Team 3 Kai Mahler | Daniel Loosli | Tereza Korabova
Team 4 Laura Pöbel | Sven Rauber | Marco Tribelhorn
Team 5 Alice Michel | Remco Kayser | Migi Reibenschuh
Team 6 Armando Guetg | Silvana Casutt | Marc Welschinger
Team 7 Lucas Mangold | Rosina Friedel | Ludwig Hagelstein
Team 8 Amanda Krüttli | Janic Cathomen | Armin Beeli

Dominik Rhyner | Sämi Ortlieb | Jennica Folkesson

Team 1

Dominik Rhyner

Punk and skiing. Growing up in an SAC hut, I eventually ended up in New Zealand and travelling the world. The most important thing was always to have my skis and my guitar in my luggage. I've been living in Laax for a few years now. Little has changed with the rest.

Sämi Ortlieb

I’m Sämi, 30 years old and I’m a Skier and filmer from Schwanden in Glarus, Switzerland. I study Film in Lucerne and live in Zurich part time. Skiing in the backcountry has always been my passion as well as capturing those days on film and creating something to enjoy for everyone who appreciates skiing as much as I do.

Jennica Folkesson

I’m half Swedish and grew up in Nyon, Switzerland. I’m 21 and currently studying a bachelor of Photography at ECAL in Lausanne. My home resort is Leysin, where I did 10 years of competitive alpine skiing before switching to a more free side of skiing thanks to my brother.

Pontus Pentilla | Anttu Oikkonen

Team 2

Pontus Penttilä

I started skiing competitions, then switched to street skiing. Nowadays I spend more time in the backcountry. I’ve been filming videos with Keeshcrew for seven years now and hopefully for many years in the future. Even though I’m spending more time in the Alps I still love to hit the streets or to do some park laps.

Anttu Oikkonen

I'm Anttu and I’m a Finnish skier mostly known frow “Keeshlife” videos. I’ve been filming skiing for over ten years now from streets to backcountry. Nowadays, I'm mostly looking for playful backcountry skiing and good adventures.

Kai Mahler | Daniel Loosli | Tereza Korabova

Team 3

Kai Mahler

I’m Kai, 27 years young and I love to ski and hang out with my friends. I used to compete in World Cups as well as X Games for almost 10 years, but nowadays I’m taking the slow route. For a few years now, I have also enjoyed being behind the camera, which gives me big pleasure as well.

Daniel Loosli

I’m Daniel from Zurich. I discovered freestyle skiing on the water jumps in Mettmenstetten. That's also how I know my team buddy Kai Mahler, since he used to train there too. He's probably the freeskier I've known the longest, since I've been riding. Because I’ve had many injuries and started pretty late (at 19) I had to find my own way of skiing that suits me. Which is why it probably never resulted in a very technical style of skiing and focused more on aesthetics and new ways to go.

Tereza Korabova

I'm from the Czech Republic, but currently living in Innsbruck, Austria. Skiing has always been my passion and when I was 18, my brother was riding twin tips. So naturally as the younger sister I needed them too. The rest is history.

Laura Pöbel | Sven Rauber | Marco Tribelhorn

Team 4

Laura Pöbel

Ciao friends! I’m Laura and you can find me skiing in the backcountry most of the time. I would describe my skiing as my personality: an energetic bouncing ball on and off skis. I’m very stoked to be part of the event and excited to see the different creative approaches from all the diverse skiers!  Let’s ski!

Sven Rauber

I was born in 1990 and grew up in Wildhaus. Now I live in Innsbruck. As the son of two ski instructors, I pretty much came into the world as a skier. I always liked to ski off the marked slopes in the forest of Wildhaus and today I am one of the most admired underground shredders in the European freeski scene.

Marco Tribelhorn

I was born in 1983 and grew up in Oberuzwil. Now I live in Flims and in Innsbruck. I’ve been skiing since I was 4 years old and decided to become a skibum after training as an automation engineer. Besides skiing, I film, photograph and make music.

Alice Michel | Remco Kayser | Migi Reibenschuh

Team 5

Alice Michel

I’m Alice and I live in Le Châble, right below Verbier, where I grew up skiing with my family and friends. Skiing has always been my favorite thing to do. I like to ski everywhere; in the powder, in the park and in the streets. I also love snowboarding.

Remco Kayser

I’m 27 years old and I was born in Geneva to Dutch parents. I started skiing at an early age and eventually competed for the national Swiss Freeski Team. After some time in the World Cup Slopestyle circuit, I got tired of it and wasn't able to keep up with the crazy level. After a break from skiing I started filming clips with my friends and we formed the “Buldoz Life” team. For me, it was right then that I found a direction for my vision of skiing. Our first film came out a year later. I had liberated myself as a skier and knew I had to continue down the filming route.

Migi Reibenschuh

My name is Migi, I’m 24 years old and live in Zurich. I study biology and film science and usually ski in LAAX. I would describe my skiing as very much influenced by skating and snowboarding. I enjoy skiing on any type of terrain, but my favorite is definitely street skiing. I try to ski as creatively as possible and I love to search for new spots. Also, I am very into fashion and like to create my own outfits for skiing.

Armando Guetg | Silvana Casutt | Marc Welschinger

Team 6

Armando Guetg

Maaah ciao! My name is Armando and I'm always up for a few laps. As the son of a mountain guide, I was on touring skis from an early age. From there I moved towards freestyle and the Swiss freeski scene, where I now know pretty much everything and everyone thanks to my open nature.

Silvana Casutt

I’m Silvana from Flims. Whether it's ski racing, piste skiing, park, freeriding, ski touring – each discipline stands on its own and yet they are all part of my career as a skier. I grew up with all these disciplines and all facets have shaped me. This is reflected in my passion for skiing. You never stop learning and improving your skills. This diversity is what I love about skiing.

Marc Welschinger

My name is Marc and I live in Flims. My first ski discipline? Being towed on skis over snow and grass by a Newfoundland as a 5-year-old. After many years of alpine ski training, I landed in this freaky scene of freestyle skiing through a wild crew of freeskiers from the Pizol. After gaining experience at several national contests and about the same number of knee twists, I've devoted myself mainly to joint-friendly powder skiing over the last five years. But I won't miss a few trips to the park here and there.

Lucas Mangold | Rosina Friedel | Ludwig Hagelstein

Team 7

Lucas Mangold

I’m 27 years old, a student, born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and now living in Innsbruck. How did I get into skiing? Since I grew up in a ski resort, my parents took me skiing at an early age. Through the Terrain Park and the Gap1328 Summer Camp on the Zugspitze, where I watched the freeskiers and snowboarders as an alpine racer back then, I knew that I wanted to become a freeskier myself.

Rosina Friedel

Skiing is just great. It pushes my creativity and gives me the feeling of living in the moment. It connects people and provides a sense of freedom. My skiing life is less about competitions and more about ski film productions, for example with the Innsbruck crew el.Makrell.

Ludwig Hagelstein

I’m living and skiing in Innsbruck. While my main focus is in a more serious job I have been working on a bunch of video projects together with Rosi Friedel and my crew of friends. Some might have heard about the infamous el.Makrell... Super stoked to also sneak in front of the camera for the Greeny Ynvitational!

Amanda Krüttli | Janic Cathomen | Armin Beeli

Team 8

Amanda Krüttli

I grew up in the low lands of Switzerland, but as a family we spent every free minute in the mountains. Me and my sister used to ski race but also went on ski tours at a young age, using old skins and binding adapters. I loved the off-piste. Since living in Flims I have come in contact with the whole park scene and got to know this other facet of skiing. Since my severe knee injury in 2020 my goal now is to just enjoy the good vibes out in nature, while sharing my passion for skiing and combining the different facets of the sport.

Janic Cathomen

I’m Janic and I am 26 years old. Growing up in Flims, I first came into contact with skis and snow when I was 2 years old. After a long time as an alpine racer, I was drawn to the park. From there I moved on to freeriding. Nowadays you can find me in the park at the beginning of winter and in steep, high terrain in the backcountry towards the end. I’m always stoked to be out in the snow.

Armin Beeli

I'm Armin, 30 years old and live in Fidaz above Flims. I pretty much have the best outdoor playground right on my doorstep. I'm always up for some fun and love to go out with my friends in the backcountry, in the park or sometimes on the slopes. I can't get enough of being out in nature and spend almost every free minute on skis in winter.