Ami Sabi Snow Wonderland

Information about group courses

Meeting place

9.45 a.m. at Snow Wonderland

Class times

10 a.m.-12 p.m. or 10 a.m.-3.30 p.m.

Afternoon classes in the following weeks:

31 Dec. - 04 Jan. / 11 - 15 Feb. / 18 - 22 Feb. / 25 Feb. - 1 Mar. / 4 Mar. - 8 Mar.

Afternoon class times: 1.30 p.m.-3.30 p.m.

Course start dates

Every Saturday, Sunday or Monday. 

Course duration

Courses take a maximum of 7 days.

Snow kindergarden

If your children are less than 4 years of age, then the snow kindergarten is perfect for you. To ensure that their strength, stamina and powers of concentration are not overwhelmed, the children get used to skiing through individual instructions in the snow lasting one hour. They can spend the remaining two hours in the managed crèche.

Snow Kindergarden Snowboard

Snow Kindergarden Ski