Secure your check-in points in summer | Flims Laax Falera

With your Inside LAAX app you can earn points with different check-in options. Upgrade from "tourist" to "local hero" and experience unforgettable adventures in Flims.




Fresh mountain air and breathtaking views. The Mountaineer Check-Ins are for real summiteers.


The silence in the cool shade, the smell of leaves and damp wood. In the forest and valleys you’ll find peace and quiet with these Check-Ins.


On, in or around the water. Discover the rushing streams of the region, quiet mountain lakes, and the best spots on some of Switzerland's most beautiful lakes.


Check-In and travel back in time. Listen to stories and gather knowledge about the cultural highlights in and around the region.


Adventures from Trin to Falera to Sagogn. You can find these Check-Ins all over the area.


Culinary highlights in the best restaurants in the region. These Check-Ins are guaranteed to whet your appetite.


Discover Switzerland with the Explorer Check-Ins! From Zurich via Bern to Geneva, even though you’re not in your favourite area, you can at least Check-In from home.

Levels you can reach!



Everybody starts out as a tourist, you included. This is the first level in the Explorer Check-In Game. Delve into the region and find the closest Check-Ins in your area and reach the next level.



With the status of Traveller, you have entered the second level. To reach this level you need collect 200 Explorer Points (XP). As a reward, you receive 5 exclusive INSIDE Points on your profile.



The more Check-Ins you make, the more Explorer Points (XP) you earn. When you reach 500 XP, you become a Voyager, and another 10 INSIDE Points is your reward.



Once you have collected 1000 Explorer Points, you officially become a Pathfinder. You will receive 25 INSIDE Points after you have reached this level.



You’re a real Explorer when you’ve collected 2500 Explorer Points — you’re really getting to know the region by now. 50 INSIDE Points will be added to your profile.



By collecting 4000 Explorer Points, you’ve shown yourself to be a real adventurer. In reaching this level, you will receive 100 INSIDE Points.



You’re considered a true pioneer to  have collected 6000 Explorer Points. Your reward will be a total of 150 INSIDE Points.


Mountain Dweller

You’re clearly a real mountain dweller with so many Check-Ins, and 8000 Explorer Points in total. Not everyone makes it this far, but if you reach this level, 200 INSIDE Points are waiting for you on your profile.



Local Hero

It’s official, you did it! As a local hero you know the region inside out, having collected as many as 10000 Explorer Points. 500 exclusive INSIDE Points are all yours!



Just download it on your smartphone or tablet and start your adventure!