How you can protect nature

Our guests frequently ask us how they can contribute to preserving the alpine beauty and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sardona for future generations. For this purpose, we have summarised 12 simple answers as Flims “Nature Etiquette” and are thereby adding to the philosophy of “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” with “Keep it calm and beautiful”.

1. Enjoy the peace

Nature is usually peaceful. It is therefore necessary to avoid making unnecessary noise to ensure that you don’t disturb or startle other tourists or wildlife. Those who roam the woods and party with their ghetto blasters don’t just disturb their fellow man, they do the same to endangered wildlife. Please make sure that you respect the quiet zones for wildlife.

2. Keep to the paths

Even if the temptation to ramble freely is great: keep to the paths and trails to protect the plants and wildlife. In nature conservation areas, a strict requirement not to stray from the paths applies. You should also pay attention to quiet zones on and near areas of water, as lake- and riverside areas, in particular, are fragile habitats.

3. Respect protected zones

Take the time to relax and help conserve nature. Whenever you discover unspoilt nature, leave it as you found it. Respect the marked conservation and quiet zones for wildlife and endangered plants – especially the wildlife quiet zones, nature reserves, forest reserves, moors and water conservation zones.


4. Dispose of your waste

Litter is unsightly and bad for nature. Even small cigarette ends pose a problem because they make animals sick and pollute the water. Avoid waste when packing your things for the day. Keep your waste with you and dispose of it at the provided recycling stations.

5. Take a shower before bathing

From Lake Cauma to the Rhine Gorge, crystal-clear water in the midst of unspoilt mountain scenery invites you to swim and relax in the sun. To prevent the high quality of the water from being compromised, use the outdoor showers briefly before going swimming in the lake, and do not bathe the water with freshly applied sun cream.

6. Sleep at the camp site

If you want to sleep under the stars, please stay on the camp site or make use of our starry sky offer. Camping away from designated camp sites is prohibited in most places in Switzerland. In a country that has a high population density, this is an important measure to secure areas of retreat in nature.

7. Use the fireplaces

During the dry and hot summer months, in areas of woodland, extreme caution applies to fire and smoking. After all, a single cigarette is enough to destroy several hectares of forest. Please read and follow the current rules and only use the official fireplaces.

8. Keep your dog on a lead

Dogs need exercise. Yet wildlife needs peace. Therefore, in many places, dogs must be kept on a lead. Your dog can run free where this is explicitly allowed and it does not disturb wildlife or cattle – or, of course, farmers’ dogs. And, of considerable importance: dog poop belongs in the bag and the rubbish bin.

9. Use the public toilets

Flims is quiet and peaceful. And it is also clean and tidy. Therefore, make sure that you use one of the many public toilets. If you do get caught short, though, please do the following: go at least 200 metres away from the lakeside or riverside area, dig a small hole and cover it with earth and leaves.

10. Respect the cattle

The farmers here rear their livestock in the nature – which means that pastures and hiking trails cross paths time and again. When with their calves, the cows in the pastures have a strong protective instinct. Follow these rules for a harmonious coexistence of humans and animals.

11. Look out for guard dogs

The wolf has made a comeback. That is why the shepherds in our region often protect their animals with guard dogs. As a biker or hiker, you will therefore find yourself crossing the paths of guard dogs and the herds that they protect. To ensure that you do not experience any problems here, follow these tips.

12. Use public transport

In Flims Laax Falera, you can leave your car parked: shuttles, buses, post vans and taxis will take you to any place in our destination – according to a timetable or individually. With the visitor card you can also travel on the shuttles for free during the day and protect nature.