Alp Mora glacial mills

Bathing in crystal-clear water on Alp Mora

The glacial mills on Alp Mora are among the most beautiful and extraordinary natural formations in Flims Laax Falera. The Maliensbach stream, which originates on the Alp Mora in Trin, formed large basins here over the course of centuries. Today the basins stand in line like a string of pearls. The roughly 20 glacial mills are filled with crystal-clear, turquoise-coloured water once the snow has melted, presenting the perfect place to bathe during summer months. Lined up in a row, with views of the Safien valley, the glacial mills offer a spectacular photo opportunity.

Hiking to the glacial mills

The best way to explore this extraordinary location is to hike to the glacial mills on Alp Mora. You can start the hike in either Trin or Bargis, which you can easily reach via the Flims Laax Falera shuttle. From Bargis, you make the first ascent to Alp Lavadignas. From here, you continue hiking along the striking cliffs, as far as the Muletg mountain valley, past the Platt’Alva avalanche barrier. From here, you are just a few minutes away from the glacial mills. The hike there and back from Bargis takes approximately 6.5 hours.

From Trin, you will hike in the shade of trees along the old alpine trail until you also reach the Platt’Alva avalanche barrier. The hike takes approximately three hours. And the descent takes around two hours.


Bathing in the glacial mills

Bathing in the glacial mills requires a little courage, as the name suggests. Situated at an altitude of 2,100 metres above sea level, the pools do warm up somewhat during the summer, but are not for the faint-hearted. However, a quick leap into the crystal-clear water is marvellously refreshing and makes for a real adrenalin rush. The glacial mills are even filled when the Maliensbach runs dry.

Formation of the glacial mills

The glacial mills on Alp Mora were formed from whirlpools in the Maliensbach stream and from the constant rolling of stones, sand and gravel. Natural bathing pools were etched into the rock in this way over the course of centuries. Each glacial mill is unique. Some are circular in shape and quite shallow, while others are elliptical and deep enough to bathe in.