Bargis mountain valley

Bargis mountain valley - Paradise for mountaineers

Are you a true mountain lover who prefers to get away from the crowds? Then you’ve come to the right place in Bargis. The mountain valley is a renowned as a paradise for mountaineers and is the perfect base for short walks or long mountain treks to Flims or Trins. Bargis is hidden behind a rock face created by the Flims landslide at an altitude of 1,550 metres. As the access road is blocked for private traffic, this is the perfect place to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the mountains.

A place of power & Scala Mola

Bargis is divided into two valley chambers. While the land to the front is used for Alpine farming, the second, somewhat higher, valley chamber contains a small gorge with two waterfalls flowing into it. It is regarded as a place of power and is also known as the Cathedral by the locals. History fans cannot afford to miss the Scala Mola. This trail chiselled into the rock since 1645 leads you from the restaurant in Bargis up to the Flimserstein, over an elevation gain of around 500 metres.

Traditional Alpabzug cattle drive from Flimserstein

September is the perfect time to visit Bargis. This is when the traditional Alpabzug cattle drive takes place each year, attracting tourists and locals to the area. The decorated cattle are rounded up in the mountain valley in the morning and brought back down to the valley via Fidaz to Flims. With a funfair, market stands, live music and much more, the traditional Alpabzug event is a wonderful experience for both young and old.

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Bargis mountain valley circular trail

If you have small children and need to bring a buggy with you, taking a trek into the mountains is often difficult. So it’s even better that our circular hiking trail is buggy-friendly. This 40-minute walk offers views of the high mountain valley. Berghaus Bargis is the start and end point of the trail.

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Bargis bus

The final part, from the edge of the forest at Fidaz to Bargis, is blocked for private traffic. We are easily accessible via shuttle service from Flims/Laax/Falera. Alternatively, you can, of course, also follow the trail from the edge of the forest at Fidaz by foot or by bike.

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