Umweltschutz in Laax.
Nutzung natürlicher Quellen in Laax.

100 percent water neutrality

Our long-term goal is to achieve 100 percent water neutrality and optimised water supply. In LAAX, we have many natural sources of water and are in the fortunate position that one of our region's most precious resources is still available in inexhaustible supply. So much so that drinking water is even used for flushing toilets. This is why we are particularly devastated when environmentally friendly, natural water is unnecessarily bottled into disposable plastic bottles and transported throughout the world in lorries.
To counteract this, we offer a range of beautiful bottles in our shops which you can fill up with pure mountain spring water at our drinking fountains. You can quench your thirst and fill up your drink bottle here free of charge.

Nachhaltig Essen in Laax.

Food and purchasing

We also strive to maximise food quality with the shortest transportation distances. We therefore promote regional products in particular and work with ecolabels and seasonal products wherever possible. There is also a comprehensive range of vegetarian and vegan offerings available in LAAX. Controversial products such as endangered fish are not offered in LAAX.

Sustainability measures

    • MSC-certified or regional fish available in all of our restaurants • Fairtrade-certified coffee and tea from Max Havelaar and DESTA coffee available
    • Swiss chicken used in all restaurants
    • Swiss eggs used in all restaurants
    • Swiss veal and pork used
    • At Piazza and Alp Nagens, we place particular focus on offering a large selection and variety of regional or organic products. Currently, our menus are comprised of over 50 per cent regional and/or organic products. We aim to increase this to 75% within the next three years
    • Mountain spring water available at the bar in signinahotel instead of bottled water
    Faire und nachhaltige Produktion von Merchandise Produkten.


    The Weisse Arena Gruppe provides clothing to various different areas and also produces its own merchandising products. We also support the bio-benefits of extensive farming, fair working conditions and strict guidelines for the use of chemicals in this regard.

    Nachhaltig Essen in der Schweiz.

    Climate menus

    In close cooperation with myblueplanet and Eaternity, we encourage our restaurants to surprise you with climate-friendly menus. You can sample the first climate menus at Café NoName from winter 2016.