Together for a healthy winter


Shredding snow parks, floating through knee-high powder and making tracks through perfectly groomed pistes - LAAX makes winter dreams come true. And to keep it that way, it needs all of us! #nustuts, which means "we all" in Romansh, means for us in LAAX cohesion, that everyone pulls together and works towards a common goal - a safe winter on the mountain. You too can be a part of #nustuts.


Let's work together for a healthy winter.

Show us in your Facebook or Insta Story how you contribute towards a healthy winter. Use the hashtag #nustuts and tag LAAX.

protective measures

«My contribution to this particular situation is; being outdoors a lot, keeping my distance and exercising.»

Ronny Caduff, Local & LAAX Rider Bike

«I hope and wish for all of us, that we can spend the winter in the snow and in the ski resort! If we try hard, we can all do this together!»

Senta Gautschi, Staff Freeride Base

«Ensemen dumignein nus quei!»
Together we can do this!

Armin Beeli, Local & LAAX Rider Bike

«We have set up great protective measures, but everyone has to be involved in these measures - including you!»

Nick Amrein, Staff Skipatrol