On the road on two wheels

Forest and meadow trails are your terrain. You want to conquer the climb that you’ll later whizz down using your own muscle strength. When you ride alongside the Rhine gorge and marvel at the rugged rock formations, the ascent will be all the easier. There is a vast network of bike trails available, so you don’t always have to take the same route. From arduous trails lasting several hours through high Alpine terrain to family-friendly trails through the fairy-tale Flims forest, we have wonderful trails for every level.

Suggested Trails

Ruinaulta Trail

This is one of the most beautiful and diverse trails in our region. This trail winds through our region, leading along the imposing Ruinaulta with views of the beautiful mountain landscape, through fairy-tale forests and past majestic bathing lakes. It’s not just the setting that’s diverse, but also our trails. You will encounter everything from tarred roads to forest paths and single trails. Expert bikers will complete this round trip in a day. Those who prefer to enjoy the landscape at their ease or fancy a dip in the refreshing lakes can also take on this trail in different daily stages.

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Alp Mora

From Trin at 876 m, there is a steep incline towards Alp Mora up to Tegia Culm at 2,250 m. This also presents a great opportunity to make a detour to the glacial mills. These are natural rock pools, lined up beside one another like a string of pearls. During warm weather and sunshine, you can even enjoy a dip in the cool, natural water. Then it’s back to the trail to return to the valley. If you’re a confident cyclist and have a good head for heights, the descent to Bargistal, a paradise for mountain lovers, is a wonderful alternative. However, this trail is not signposted.

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Flims Forest Round Trip

The trail through Flims forest offers magnificent views of the Vorderrhein gorge, the Ruinaulta. With its viewing points and restaurants, Conn is the perfect place to stop for a break. At Restaurant Conn, you can fuel up with some Trins pear ravioli or other delights, while marvelling at the breathtaking views of the Rhine gorge on offer from the ‘Il Spir’ platform. When you witness the 180° views of the gorge, you will understand why this is known as the 'Swiss Grand Canyon’.

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Bike and eat

Biking is known to work up an appetite and a thirst. Some of our restaurants, mountain lodges and cafés have recognised this and are offering a range of tailored packages to bikers at discounted prices. You can avail yourself of practical packed lunches to go, recharge your batteries with an energising lunch and raise a glass to your day with a cool, after-bike beer.


Bike and grill

Home-made food is always the best. This is why we have set up official barbecue areas throughout our region, both on the mountain and in the valley. You can reach the fire pits directly by bike and cook up some delicious barbecued food in the heart of our beautiful region. The barbecue areas are also the perfect place to discuss your plans for your bike trip.

Bike and sleep

After a tiring day on your bike, you can stay at one of our bike hotels, often situated along our routes and trails, where you can find everything that your biker heart desires, including overnight washing and drying service, lockable bike rooms, lunch packages and much more. We do everything we can to make sure that you wake up fully relaxed the next morning, full of energy and raring to get back on the saddle.

Bike Hotels