Never End Trail

Seven-kilometre-long flow trail from Crap Sogn Gion to Laax

Looking for some action and fun? The 7 km freeride trail from Crap Sogn Gion (2,228 m) to Laax (1,020 m) is a unique flow experience. This rapid, rocky trail guarantees high fun levels with its selection of jumps. The 7 km trail promises a challenging technical ride and offers a complete flow experience from berm to berm. Never End combines North Shore elements with unspoiled nature. The trail is intended for more experienced bikers, at a difficulty level of medium to hard. Strong tyres and adequate spring deflection will help you to master the Never End Trail.

  • Difficulty Difficulty
  • Stamina Stamina
  • Panorama Panorama
  • Distance7 km Distance7 km
  • Time required 1h Time required 1h
  • Total descent 1150m Total descent 1150m

Never End Trail in detail

Crap Sogn Gion–Curtgani

Things get going after a short gondola ride from Laax Murschetg to Crap Sogn Gion. The Never End Trail begins just beneath the summit station at an altitude of 2,216 metres above sea level. From here, it’s on to open terrain set against the backdrop of a magical panorama following the zig-zag trail down the mountain.

Curtgani–Alp Uaul

At an altitude of 1,889 metres above sea level, the trail winds into the Uaul da Curtgani forest. After crossing through the forest, the line continues down along the Alp Uaul. The trail turns right into Val Buglina at an altitude of 1,388 metres above sea level.

Alp Uaul–Fop

After crossing the bridge, a narrow flow trail skirts along the side of the forest and stream, where the bikers cross another bridge before reaching the Fop plain. The bikers then follow the asphalt Alpine road down to Larnags, opening onto the final slope of the downhill run at the Laax Murschetg base station.

Der Neverend Trail ist ein Freeride Bike Trail in Flims.

Conduct and Safety

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our region. Accordingly, our trail network is often used by both hikers and bikers simultaneously. To ensure that everyone can have fun and enjoy a safe experience on our trails, tolerance and respect is expected from both sides.

Conduct and Safety