The ideal starting point for road cycling tours

Grisons is an alpine dream for cyclists of all abilities. We have world-renowned climbs, breathtaking scenery and smooth roads that can match anything Europe has to offer. There are also plenty of lesser known routes and climbs for you to explore which are on our doorstep.

If you do not wish to cycle back to Flims at the end of the ride then no problem. You and your bikes can just hop on a bus.

Suggested trails

Tour I: Swiss Grand Canyon

The classic local route with 1,200 metres of climbing where you ride around the stunning Swiss Grand Canyon. The route takes you down to Tamins via Trin Dorf, then over the Rhine and up a small climb to Bonaduz. Here you turn right on quiet roads to Versam. A gentle 3.5km climb averaging 3% warms the legs before the climb to Versam itself. The hairpins on the climb to Versam average over 6% and once through the village of Versam you start a wonderful descent to Illanz. From here there is a 9km climb which winds itself up the other side of the valley back up to Flims.

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Tour II: Obertschappina

The quiet mountain climb to Obersschappina is a spectacular, beautiful Swiss climb that not many people know about. There are two ways up, but we will take the route via Sarn which is 14km long, averaging 8%. Once you start the climb turn right and keep climbing before turning left into the hamlet of Sarn. Here the road meanders along a small mountain road to Flerden where you once more join the road to Obertschappina here you have the choice to stop, refresh and take in the view. Or, to carry on to the Glasspass with another 3km of climbing averaging over 9%. Enjoy the wonderful descent coming the different way down!

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Tour III: Viamala and Splügenpass

The wonderful Splügen Pass via the historic site of Viamala is a truly wonderful day out on the bike. The road meanders through the valley on flat roads to Thusis, where the climbing begins and the roads come to life. We pass Viamala and stay on the old road to Splügen. The scenery is dramatic and the road winds itself around the Sufner See prior to the real treat, the Splügenpass. Once you reach the top (9km averaging 7%) take in the stunning view and enjoy the ride back to Tamins where after a long ride the bus will take you and your bike back to Flims.

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