Gentle, but just as beautiful

Like taking to the great outdoors with the whole family? Or prefer to take things a little easier? Here, you don’t need to climb hundreds of metres to enjoy spectacular views. The Flims landslide led to the formation of a high plateau featuring seven mountain lakes above the Rhine gorge, where the great Flims forest stands today. This could easily be the set of a fairy-tale film, featuring a range of wonderful, buggy-friendly walking trails with many breathtaking views.

Suggested trails

Flims Waldhaus – Conn (Restaurant) - Flims Waldhaus

The trail starts in Flims Waldhaus, before descending gently through the forest. You will soon lay eyes upon the clear, turquoise-coloured waters of Lake Cauma through the trees. The trail continues alongside the lake towards Conn. If you’re looking to fuel up on sun and energy, you will love the sun terrace at the restaurant. Although this is the perfect place to linger a while, you can’t afford to miss the nearby ‘Il Spir’ viewing platform before returning to Flims. Here, you can enjoy magnificent 180° views of the Rhine gorge. It’s well worth a visit!

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Falera–Laax Murschetg

Did you know that we have an educational planet trail in Flims? This is located on the first part of the panoramic trail, leading from Falera to Laax-Murschetg via Larnags. If you want to enjoy the impressive panorama with spectacular views of the Rhine gorge while also learning about our solar system, this hike is perfect for you. In addition to learning exciting information about the planets of our solar system, you will discover beautiful stretches of forest and fragrant mountain pastures. In Larnags, you can enjoy culinary treats at Tegia Larnags, before heading on towards Laax Murschetg.

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Trin Mulin–Lake Cresta

If your kids are still in a buggy, the trail from Trin Mulin to Lake Cresta is perfect for a short excursion. From Trin, the broad hiking trail goes past lush meadows into the dense, shaded forest. As Lake Cresta is completely surrounded by forest and is only accessible by foot or by bike, the setting is even friendlier and more tranquil. Once you reach the lake, you can stop off at the restaurant or take a dip in the cool, crystal-clear waters.

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Elevated hike Foppa - Scheia - Fidaz - Flims

The Romansh language is one of the region's trademarks. An equally entertaining and informative nature trail leads from the Foppa chairlift station via Spaligna to Scheia and Fidaz. Alongside the nature trail you can enjoy the view of Flims and the surrounding mountains. There is also a children's playground between Fidaz and Flims.

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Laax Lake round tour

There is much to discover around Lake Laax. In addition to the walk around the lake, children can let off steam in the children's playground, watch the animals in the petting zoo or swim in the lake. The picnic area with fireplace completes the offer.

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Il Spir viewing platform

Lake Cauma

Lake Cresta


If your kids are still too small to explore our region in their own little hiking boots, but you would still like to take some short excursions, you can rent carrier backpacks for small children from our rental stations. With these, you can even take babies along on shorter hiking tours.

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