Trutg dil Flem

Crossing seven bridges

The award-winning Flims water trail leads you down from the source of the Flem stream in upper Segnesboden, past a unique ravine landscape to the town centre of Flims. You will cross seven bridges, some of them based on audacious designs by the famous bridge builder from Graubünden, Jürg Conzett. From here, you can savour views of the bizarre rock formations in the gorge of the Flem and take in the noise of the wild mountain stream. Those who like to take things easier can follow the course of the Flem down to the valley. More ambitious hikers can take on the ascent in the opposite direction.

Starting point–Segneshütte fork

If you want to follow the Trutg dil Flem trail down to the valley, start off at the upper Segnesboden in the heart of the Sardona UNESCO World Heritage Site, at the source of the Flem. You can reach this from the Naraus/Grauberg summit station or the Alp Nagens shuttle station within around one hour. The trail takes you from the source past the waterfall in the lower Segnesboden, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the Tschingelhörner with the Martinsloch opening and Glarus thrust, as far as the nearby Segneshütte mountain lodge.

UNESCO World Heritage Site


Segneshütte fork–Startgels

Along the way, you can take a breather from the hike at a number of mountain restaurants (Segneshütte, Startgels) and recharge your batteries with a light snack. From the Segneshütte mountain lodge, you can venture to the upper bridge along the Punt Muletg sper l’Aua plain on the descent. The artificial stone slabs lie almost naturally across the Flem. From here, the trail leads you back and forth along the left and right sides of the gorge, which you cross three times over the upper bridge, the durable wooden bridge and the Pilzfelsen bridge. Here, you can enjoy a wonderful view into the bizarre rock formations of the gorge.


After the Startgels restaurant, the trail leads through wooded slopes across the two wooden bridges Taschlims and Punt da Max. From here, the trail mostly runs alongside the Flem. Looking at the two bridges, you can see how the architect tried to integrate them into the surrounding landscape as well as possible. Before you reach the Foppa mountain restaurant, you will cross the stream using the high waterfall bridge made from Vals gneiss rock just beneath two waterfalls.

Foppa–Flims base station

From the Foppa mountain restaurant, the trail leads you down to the end of the gorge, where the final bridge – the wooden Muletg bridge – is located. Once you cross this bridge, you will complete the final part of the trail through the Flims forest, which could well be the set of a fairy-tale film. From here, just the final few metres back to the Flims base station via the Runcs car park fork remain.




Naraus - Abzweigung Segneshütte - Flims Talstation

12.5 km

4h 20min

Naraus - Punt Desch - Flims Talstation


2h 40min

Alp Nagens Stalla - Segneshütte - Flims Talstation


3h 40min

Foppa - Punta da Max - Flims Talstation


1h 30 min




Starting point Wasserweg Waterfall - Intersection Segneshütte



Intersection Segneshütte - Segneshütte



Segneshütte - Punt Desch



Punt Desch - Punt da Max



Punt da Max - Punt Gronda



Punt Gronda - Starting Point Wasserweg Base Station






Runcs (PP) - Punt Gronda



Foppa - Punt da Max



Foppa - Bridge Tarschlims



Naraus - Punt Desch



Naraus - Intersection Segneshütte


1h 10min

Alp Nagens Stalla - Segneshütte



Grauberg - Segneshütte




Trutg dil Flem is a narrow, challenging mountain hiking trail with slopes, bridges and platforms above flowing water. It is important to watch your step on the white/red/white marked trail. Strong hiking shoes and rain gear are necessary. To ensure that you can use the Trutg dil Flem trail as smoothly as possible, please take note of the following important rules:

  • Trutg dil Flem is not a biking trail
  • Please keep an eye on children at all times
  • Do not walk on the bed of the stream, as the wet rocks are very slippery
  • Only use the Trutg dil Flem trail when it is free of snow and ice
  • Always stay on the mountain hiking trail

Prix Rando main prize 2014

Trutg dil Flem received the Prix Rando 2014 main prize from the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation in spring 2014, one of the most prestigious awards in Europe for the hiking world. The jury was impressed by this special mountain hiking trail along the Flem stream with its unique combination of art, technology and nature.

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