Umweltfreundlich Wandern auf dem Gletscher in Laax.
Umweltfreundlicher Strom in Laax.

100 percent renewable energy

We want to make our power supply more environmentally friendly, which will also make us independent from fossil fuels. Consequently, our power demands are already covered 100 per cent from CO2-neutral hydroelectric power from Switzerland as well as energy from our own solar systems on the mountain. These include systems installed at the Alp Sogn Martin base station and on the La Siala ten-seater gondola lift.

Umweltfreundlicher Strom in Laax.

Solar systems

As our region is so sunny, we are constantly expanding the proportion of solar power we use and installing solar systems at all new lift stations. Solar panels on our buildings account for 25-30% of our annual electricity requirements.

Umweltfreundlicher Strom in Laax.

Wind farm project

We see huge potential in hydroelectric and solar power as well as in wind power. After initial feasibility studies confirmed this potential, we went on the search for a heavily used and built-up area and quickly struck gold – with the Vorab Glacier. The wind farm project on the Vorab Glacier is just one of many examples of environmentally friendly energy generation in our region. The wind potential on the Vorab Glacier is estimated to cover the energy demands of approximately 5,000 households. This corresponds to more than the demand of the entire region.