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Cross-Country Cross Skills Park Plaun

In the new Cross-Country Cross Skills Park on Plaun, you can playfully improve your skills on a varied cross-country course. The XCX Skills Park is also aimed at children, parents, clubs and schools - everyone can sharpen their cross-country skiing skills and work on their movements. After all, the Cross-Country Skills Park is where the champions of tomorrow lay their foundation.

Improve your skills with the key movements learned in the park. In addition to obstacles, hollows and jumps, various elements await you in the XCX Skills Park.

Obstacles, hollows, jumps

The sections

On the track with 4 waves, you accelerate by actively using the compression of the troughs. Ride the wave troughs by bending and stretching. The wave troughs set the rhythm of your movements.

Choose the ideal curve radius to get into and out of the curve with momentum.

Small jump
On the small jump you will gain the confidence and routine to safely jump over an obstacle. The choice of line, speed of approach and body tension must be right for a proper landing.

This ramp demands everything: Run up the hill as fast as possible. Support the step with active pole use and edge the skis skilfully.

This is where speed counts. Glide down the steep slope as compactly as possible and then start running again. Goal arches Pass the gates while riding or running and pay attention to your posture and centre of gravity.

On the pumptrack, a track made of staggered waves, you accelerate by bending and stretching your legs in different ways. You need a lot of skill and fast legs.

The small loop follows the natural contours of the terrain and offers you optimal conditions to consolidate your technique. Whether with or without poles, with open or closed eyes and a guide, freely chosen or predefined step shapes, there are countless ideas for honing your skills here.


Langlaufloipe Plaun

The trail in Plaun is located at an altitude of 1'630 meters and is snow-sure. Here you can meet your skiing or cross-country skiing friends - the ideal contact point between alpine and Nordic snow sports.

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Winter hiking and cross country skiing map (PDF)


With the TOPCARD or a valid pedestrian ticket you can take the ArenaExpress from Flims directly to Plaun. You do not need a cross-country skiing pass for the cross-country skiing trail and the XCX Skills Park.

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