The most ‘instagrammable’ spots in Flims

All the rage on Instagram: Lake Cauma, the Rhine gorge, Tectonic Arena Sardona – the three biggest natural attractions in Flims are very popular photo locations on social media. But the region also has many other locations to offer which make the perfect post in Instagram feeds. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur snapper, here are our ten most ‘instagrammable’ spots in Flims.

1. Lake Cauma

Lake Cauma is a classic in Instagram posts. With its intense turquoise-blue waters and ease of access, the mountain lake is a popular subject on social media. Note that since last summer, drones are prohibited around the entire lake. But even without a bird’s-eye view, Lake Cauma still presents the perfect backdrop for any type of shot. Our tip: The lift station above the lake is the perfect place to snap a picture of the entire lake.

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2. Rhine Gorge - Mutta Sura

A little more hidden away, but every bit as beautiful – the Rhine gorge, also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. Here, you can choose from a wide range of different angles and perspectives, depending on how adventurous your choice of access is. Our personal favourite is the view from Mutta Sura, as shown here by @christinara. The best time to visit here is early morning, when you can witness truly spectacular sunrises.

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3. Tectonic Arena Sardona

As one of just three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Switzerland, the Tectonic Arena Sardona is a wonderful photo location. The jagged peaks of the Tschingelhörner soar majestically into the sky, while the silvery waters of the lower Segnesboden follow their path below. Martinsloch, the opening in the rock face in the heart of the mountain, is also an interesting photo opportunity. But be warned that drones will lose signal when they fly through the Martinsloch opening!

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4. Alp Mora

From the obvious choices to a real secret tip – the glacial mills on Alp Mora. Almost 20 larger and smaller enclosed basins line up beside one another like a chain of pearls. With the crystal-clear waters in its mills and breathtaking views of the valley below, the Alp Mora is the perfect photo setting and a refreshing place to cool down after an Instagram-tastic hike from Bargis.

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5. Via Ferrata Pinut

Pinut via ferrata is not for faint-hearted photographers. But those who embark on this adventure will be rewarded with thrilling perspectives and spectacular views of the Flimserstein. The ladders built into the mountain offer ample opportunity for photographic creativity, while you will always be safe and secure with the via ferrata set. @marcbaechtold has done it. Can you?

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6. Scala Mola

This old Roman path with its splendid irregular stones and exposed location presents a magnificent photo opportunity. One way to reach Scala Mola is by going down the Pinut via ferrata towards the Bargis mountain valley.

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7. Bargis mountain valley

@lesberlinettes knows about it, and so do we. The Bargis mountain valley is a hidden beauty. Easily accessible with the Bargis bus or by going down the Scala Mola path, here you can unleash your creativity. Whether you’re looking for a bird’s-eye view or a worm’s-eye view, here the only limit is your own imagination.

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8. Segnespass

Don’t forget to charge your camera before you embark on this adventure! You will need several hours to capture your picture from the Segnespass. But you’ll have a good story that you can tell in your caption. To get the perfect sunset shot, you should stay overnight at the mountain lodge located at the pass. @twintheworld can vouch for this.

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9. Rhine gorge suspension bridge

Near the end of the Rhine gorge, you will reach this magnificent suspension bridge. This is a treat for architecture and nature lovers alike. The suspension bridge is located directly beside Trin Staziun train station and is accessible on a short hike from Trin. Our tip for foodie Instagrammers: Delicious capuns, perfect for photographing and posting.

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10. Lake Cresta

Don’t go home without crossing this spot off your Instagram bucket list! The magical Lake Cresta is located in Trin, so practically on your way home. The beautifully crafted wooden walkway is an interesting photo spot, while the lake’s colours are the equal of its lake counterpart, Lake Cauma. Another plus is the ease of access via PostBus.

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