Ski and enjoy the spring sun until 16 April 2023

Sunshine Baby!

You don't want to resign yourself quite yet to the arrival of spring at lower altitudes? Then there's only one thing to do – head to LAAX and hit the slopes!

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What could be better than making a few turns through the snow early in the morning in spring-like mild temperatures and then sunbathing on one of our terraces? And there are plenty of them in LAAX. We have put together a few of our personal favourites for you.

Your guide for a day full of sun in LAAX

9:30 a.m. – Coffee break

Caffè NoName

After you have collected the first kilometres around the Crap Sogn Gion and taken advantage of the prime piste conditions, it is time for a coffee. The Caffè NoName is the meeting point on the mountain. Here you can watch the pros in the halfpipe and enjoy a real Italian coffee. 


11:00 a.m. – Stopover

Alp sogn Martin

Continue via Crap Masegn to the highest part of the area: On the Vorab Glacier at around 3000 m above sea level, the slopes are still top-notch even later in the morning. From there you ride to Alp Sogn Martin for a little refreshment. At the long table, you quickly strike up a conversation with other people while the sun shines on your face. 

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12:00 a.m. – Lunch

Stalla Alp Nagens

Take the La Siala gondola and enjoy the long descent on broad slopes towards Alp Nagens. If you want to secure a table on the terrace of the Stalla, you have to be there early, because these are in high demand and cannot be reserved. True to the motto "first come, first serve". How about a spicy raclette with cheese directly from the Nagens Alp or traditional Graubünden specialities such as Capuns soup and Pizzochels?

3.30 p.m. – One for the road

GALAAXY Satellite Bar

Finally, a refreshing drink awaits you at the Satellite Bar while you watch the sun slowly disappear behind the mountain peaks. There is a unique atmosphere on the mountain as the day draws to a close and most of the guests are already après skiing in the valley. Wonderful conditions to enjoy one last leisurely descent down to the valley on empty slopes. 

There is a lot going on in LAAX

Did you know that in Hindu culture the Holi festival marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the reawakening of nature? In LAAX, we celebrate spring in different ways – spring sessions, art exhibitions, concerts and freestyle events take place on the mountain and in the valley. Come celebrate with us and shred, dance and have a good time!

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