A fun trip for the whole family

The world's longest treetop walkway

From summer 2021, the world's longest treetop walk will connect the two villages of Laax Murschetg and Laax Dorf. Once you have reached platform height via one of the two access towers, the 1.5-kilometer-long walkway leads you through the forest - always at eye level with the trees. With a slide for the little ones, four platforms with seatings along the way and a unique view of the surrounding landscape, the treetop walk offers a unique nature experience for the whole family.

Opening in summer 2021

The exact date of the opening will be announced in due course.

The treetop walkway

At the main entrance in Laax Murschetg, you reach the starting platform via a circular stairway or via elevator. The highlight for the little ones: the 73-meter-long, spiral slide. An alternative entrance leads from Larnags through the forest road onto the path and to the platform. Mostly leading through the tree tops, the treetop walk takes you over a well-built wooden walkway in the direction of Laax Dorf. At a height of up to 28 meters, the forest can be experienced with all senses and opens up unusual perspectives.

The platforms

Along the 1.5-kilometer-long route, four platforms with various seating opportunities invite visitors to linger. Interested visitors can also learn about the regional flora and fauna, geology and agriculture on the platforms.

  • Platform 1: Uaul Casti
  • Platform 2: Ravanasc
  • Platform 3: Dimplaun Sura
  • Platform 4: Uaul Fraissen

Facts & figures

Tower at Laax Murschetg

  • Main entrance from Laax Murschetg
  • Access via circular stairway or elevator
  • Alternative via forest road from Larnags
  • Platform height: 28 meters above ground
  • Height: 37 meter
  • Slide: spiral design, sheltered, lenght 73 meter

Treetop walkway

  • Route: Laax Murschetg - Laax Dimplaun
  • Length: 1.5 kilometers
  • Height above ground (max.): 28 meters
  • Height above ground (min.): 2 meters
  • Open all year round
  • Path is wheelchair and stroller accessible
  • 4 platforms along the way
  • Developer: Municipality of Laax
  • Operating company: Weisse Arena Group
  • Architects: Hofmann & Durisch Architects
  • Engineering: Clarplan GmbH
  • Investment: CHF 7 million

Tower at Laax Dimplaun

  • Entrance/exit from Laax Dorf (Dimplaun)
  • Access via stairs or elevator
  • Platform height: 18 meters above ground
  • Tower height: 27 meters