Senda dil Dragun

New digital experience!

On the five adventure sites of the treetop path, there are lots of interesting facts for young and old to discover about the flora and fauna of Laax, exciting facts about the Surselva and the Grisons.

Digital experience for children
Children meet the magician Ami Sabi, who guides them along the "Senda dil Dragun" together with his friends.

Digital experience for adults
Adults will meet the well-known actor Andrea Zogg, who they will encounter as an AR figure on the tree-top walk. He tells about the formation of the Ruinaulta by the Flims landslide, the animal and plant life and the history of the people in the region. 

Rent and experience now via the INSIDE LAAX app or at the mountain railway ticket office!

Senda dil Dragun