rocksresort PARK

rocksresort PARK - surfwave, snake run, wild bee paradise and much more

There is also something going on at the valley station in Laax in summer! Under the name "rocksresort PARK" you will find a wealth of activities around the cubes of the rocksresort for families, children and those remained children. From the Urban Surfwave and Snakerun, where you can surf with skateboards, scooters or BMX bikes over the asphalted waves to the Hubertus Archery Park TryOut area, where you can prove your archery skills, you will find almost everything in the rocksresort PARK. A playground and various equipment such as badminton rackets, slacklines and pedalos for free use round off the offer. New this summer you can also dive into the world of wild bees in the wild bee paradise

Information and prices

Opening hours

The rocksresort PARK is closed for the winter.

The skateboards can be rented daily from LAAX Rental from May 30, 2024. 


The ticket for the rocksresort PARK can be purchased at any time in the ticket shop.


  • Day ticket for children/youths: CHF 5
  • Day ticket for adults: CHF 7
  • Season ticket for children/youths: CHF 50
  • Season ticket for adults: CHF 70

The entrance fee includes all activities in rocksresort PARK with the exception of rental equipment, the Hubertus archery park and the Ami Sabi summer wonderland.

Selling points

Day passes and season tickets can be purchased at the following locations:

For hotel guests of the signinahotel and rocksresort the use is free of charge.


Rental equipment

Scooters, BMX bikes and skateboards can be rented for CHF 7 per hour at LAAX Rental in the rocksresort.

Urban Surfwave & Snakerun

The Urban Surfwave inspires freestylers of all kinds of sports: children with scooters, young people with BMX or adults on their skateboards. The course consists of waves and hollows and a rounded pool, so that the skateboarder must constantly shift the body's centre of gravity. Next to the surfwave, a Snake Run with a conveyor belt and varied trails guarantees endless fun.

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Wild bee paradise

New this summer, on the grounds of the rocksresort, you will find an own habitat for the endangered wild bee and other insects, the wild bee paradise. Thus the world's first pump-track for skaters and bikers with a wild bee paradise is available in the rocksresort! Selected flowers and insect hotels should offer the animals a home, protection and incentive for pollination and reproduction. If you want to explore the habitat, there's nothing to worry about: Wild bees don't sting.

rocksresort PARK activities

The rocksresort is also a playground. In the middle of the square there is a sandbox, a trampoline and a table tennis table. In the adjacent meadow children can play football, badminton or Boccia. Slacklines, stilts, pedalos and many other devices are also available - so the little ones are never bored.

Hubertus Archery Park TryOut area

The TryOut area for the Hubertus Archery Park is located directly in the rocksresort PARK. Test your archery skills and prepare yourself for the Hubertus Archery Park. Tip: the gondola takes you from rocksresort PARK to the first post on Crap Sogn Gion. From here, the Bogenpark leads to Curnius along an easily accessible hiking trail.

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