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Museums and libraries

If you need a breather from the mountain, then you should visit an exhibition or a museum, and not just during bad weather. Our region has a lot to offer for culture lovers and those with a thirst for knowledge.

The Yellow House

The Yellow House is, in fact, white. This is not the only surprise, however. Shortly before his death in 1995, the architect Rudolf Olgiati bequeathed part of his collection of cultural treasures to the town of Flims on the condition that the "Yellow House", situated in the centre of the town, be renovated according to his wishes, namely that it be "painted white from top to bottom". In 1997, his son Valerio Olgiati received the architectural contract to redesign the house from the town of Flims.

Since then, the interior of the house no longer resembles its original role as a greengrocer's shop and place of residence. On the exterior, the completely chipped plaster immediately catches the eye. Inside, a real structural work of art is created through the unconventional arrangement of beams and pillars. It's well worth a visit, as the building which has won several architectural awards also houses various different types of exhibitions.

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Laax local museum

The Laax Museum has a great deal to discover about the history and customs of Laax. Let yourself be treated in our museum café, breathe Laax air, Laax history and look forward to exciting temporary exhibitions that will always surprise you anew. Current exhibition: «Winter Impressions».

Opening hours:
1 March - 24 May, every Thursday from 2 - 4 p.m.

Entry fee:
Adults CHF 5.- / with guest card CHF 4.- / children up to 12 years free

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Festungsmuseum Sperre Trin

At the fort museum Sperre Trin, you will enter the Second World War and learn about the defense strategy of the Swiss army. The barrier is now considered a "barrier of national importance".Guided tours take place at 1.30 pm from May to October and last approximately 3.5 hours. The exact dates as well as the registration are available via the guestinfo at or +41 81 920 92 00.

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Museum Regiunal Surselva

A visit to Casa Carniec is a like a trip back in time to the 16th century, where you can experience the everyday life of the people of Surselva at that time. Real treasures are waiting for you here.

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Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa

You will find three museums in one place at the Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa. The hotel museum is the largest in Switzerland. Here, you can travel back to the "Belle Époque", and perhaps even secure a seat at the table at a museum dinner. The crystal collection contains dazzling treasures from the region, from throughout Switzerland and from abroad. The rooms which were designed by Rudolf Olgiati house part of his collection of cultural treasures from Graubünden. The museums are open daily from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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Bündner Kunstmuseum

The Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur houses art from the 19th century to the present day. The important collection of around 7,000 objects includes works from Angelika Kauffmann, Giovanni Segantini, Alberto Giacometti, Ferdinand Hodler and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, as well as from contemporary Graubünden artists such as Matias Spescha, Not Vital and Zilla Leutenegger.

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Rätisches Museum

The Rätisches Museum is located at Haus Buol in the old town of Chur. The baroque patrician house was built in 1675 by Freiherr Paul von Buol zu Strassberg und Rietberg (1634–1697), a member of the ruling class of the Three Leagues. The interior of the building features a large flight of stairs. This serves to connect the cellar vault, the ground floor with the driveway, two grand floors and the servants' area and attic area.

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Bündner Naturmuseum

The Bündner Naturmuseum offers an exciting glimpse of the flora, fauna and geological history of the canton of Graubünden through a comprehensive exhibition spread over four floors. Modern special exhibitions provide detailed information about current nature-related issues. This is an experience not to be missed.

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Flims library

Tel.: +41 81 911 16 33 

Flims library is a public library combined with a school library. It is open to all locals and visitors.

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Biblioteca Casa de Mont

Tel.: +41 81 921 34 38 

Biblioteca Casa de Mont in Laax is a public and school library. It is located in the former cellar of Casa de Mont. The library regularly organises readings and exhibitions.

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Ilanz library

Tel.: +41 81 925 27 04 

Ilanz school and public library is located in the school complex.

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Ilanz toy library

Tel.: +41 79 465 13 65

The toy library  contains board games, puzzles, toys and much more, which are all available for you to try out.

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Kantonsbibliothek Graubünden

Tel.: +41 81 257 28 28 

Kantonsbibliothek Graubünden is a research and academic library based in Chur.

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Laax Murschetg paperback libraries

The Camino Bar at the signinahotel and the Piazza-cafedeli at the rockresort offer coffee and snacks as well as a paperback library.

Camino Bar

Piazza cafedeli