Climbing areas in the Swiss destination

Climbing: Outdoor activity with thrills

Are you free of vertigo? Rugged rocks, steep and spectacular climbing walls, treetops, hillsides and caves await ambitious climbing fans in the mountain world of Flims Laax Falera. When climbing in the Swiss destination of Flims Laax Falera, you are close to nature. Alpine climbing gives you a completely different experience of the mountain world: enjoy fantastic views at impressive heights.

Whether you are a professional sports climber, a beginner or a child: our various climbing routes have something for everyone. Fun and excitement await you - and of course it is absolutely risk-free. We have put together a climbing guide for you and your loved ones for the Swiss destination - find your suitable offer and your climbing experience can begin!

Discovering the mountain world through rock climbing

Pinut via ferrata

Taking on the Pinut via ferrata is a remarkable way to experience nature at first hand, with all the thrills and none of the risk. The adventurers proceed through caves and over ladders and stairs to three practically vertical rock faces. Kids from 12 years of age can take the via ferrata from Fidaz to the Flimserstein via the Pinut.

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Climbing in the Flims high ropes course

Flims high rope course

Adrenalin and fun are guaranteed on a visit to the high rope course in Flims. High above the ground, climbing from tree to tree, swinging through the air like Tarzan or balancing on a thin branch – here, you can develop your skills and balance while having fun in the midst of nature. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned climber, the high rope course promises an unforgettable climbing and outdoor experience for all those with a little courage, skill and a good head for heights, featuring several different courses and various difficulty levels.

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Climbing gardens in Flims Laax Falera

Climbing garden Crap la Tgina

Not far from the upper Segnesboden lies the new climbing garden "Crap la Tgina" for beginners and advanced climbers at 2350 metres. The small but fine climbing paradise has 42 routes and features solid limestone rock, fine structures such as water gullies and small chickenheads as well as routes up to 20 metres long. Climbing pleasure awaits you in difficulty grades from 3a to 6b. From the Segneshütte, the approach takes about an hour. The south-facing climbing garden "Crap la Tgina" was developed by the Grischa and Bündnerberge mountain sports school.


Climbing garden Segnesboden

Why not take a break from biking and try a new adventure? The climbing garden at an altitude of 2,100 meters offers beginners and families a taste of the fascinating sport of climbing. The 31 climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty ranging from 2a to 6b are located on the eastern and western sides on lower Segnesboden. The Climbing Garden is open from early June to mid-October, depending on the weather. For up-to-date information, please call the guest information in Flims, Laax or Falera on +41 (0)81 920 92 00.


Outdoor Aktivitäten wie Canyoning, River Rafting oder Gleitschirmfliegen in Flims, Schweiz.

Climbing garden Ilanz-Schnaus

The family-friendly climbing crag, located between Ilanz and Schnaus, is safe and secure, ideal for lead-climbing with beginners and children. It nevertheless offers the more expert climber a challenge.

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Outdoor Aktivitäten wie Canyoning, River Rafting oder Gleitschirmfliegen in Flims, Schweiz.

Climbing garden Siat

In Siat there is a real adventure area for families. In addition to an climbing garden perfekt for beginners there is a playground, a barbecue place, a crystal cave and much more.

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Indoor climbing

Climbing is also an indoor activity that is fun in any weather. Make your first climbing attempts or improve your climbing level in a climbing hall.

Climbing Centre Ap’n Daun

Pulvermühlestrasse 8

7000 Chur

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Indoor Aktivitäten und Schlechtwetter Aktivitäten in Laax.

Climbing hall Pro Siat

Via Plauna 51A

7157 Siat

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Quadrel - Bouldering hall

Via Plauna 51A

7157 Siat

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