On land: Outdoor activities


Foxtrail - the exciting scavenger hunt awaits you with 3 tricky trails which will turn the mountain experience into an unforgettable adventure.

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Outdoor Aktivitäten wie Canyoning, River Rafting oder Gleitschirmfliegen in Flims, Schweiz.

Prau la Selva sports centre Flims

Prau la Selva sports centre offers a range of sporting activities. You can play tennis in the fresh air, show off your skills at mini-golf or go wild in the skater park.

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Scooter Trail

You were on the road all day on foot and would like to cruise back to the village? Then rent a scooter in Foppa and enjoy the wonderful view and the adrenalin rush during the trip back to the Flims village. To Foppa, you can either take the chairlift or take a two-hour hike from Flims. Return the scooter at the cable car station in Flims after the rapid ride back.

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At the water: Outdoor activities in and around the water

Outdoor Aktivitäten wie Canyoning, River Rafting oder Gleitschirmfliegen in Flims, Schweiz.

River rafting on the Vorderrhein

Experience the wild side of summer in Flims. Take a trip from Illanz to Reichenau by rubber raft and discover the remarkable Ruinualta, also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. From the water, you can enjoy views of the vertical cliffs and precipitous screes, while the rapids and cooling spray rush against your face.

Kanuschule Versam
Tel.: +41 81 645 13 24
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Swiss River Adventures
Tel.: +41 81 936 01 04
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The Conngraben, today Connbächli, is one of the most important, oldest, longest and still water-bearing trenches of Flims. The trench is now no longer used economically. Equipped with solid footwear, one can explore the 6 km long trench during a 1.5-hour walk with the whole family. What you should not miss on your exploring tour is a ship. You can build your own ship out of bark, or you can take our locally made kit with you on the ship through the beautiful Flimserwald. The local made kit is available at the tourist information in Flims.

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Flims Laax Falera from above: Outdoor activities in the Swiss skies

Just take off: This is also one of the most beautiful outdoor activities in Switzerland. Do you have your feet firmly on the ground in everyday life? Then spend your holiday in Flims Laax Falera: we'll give you wings! Experience Flims Laax Falera from a bird's eye view - during paragliding or a helicopter flight.

Outdoor Aktivitäten und Schönwetter Aktivitäten - ideal als Ski Alternative.

Helicopter flights

Our secret tip: Enjoy a spectacular view of mountains and valley from the heli!

Swiss Helicopter AG
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Heli Tamina GmbH
Duonigstrasse 26
7317 Valens


A bird's-eye view of Flims Laax Falera. Paragliding allows you to see the mountain landscape around Graubünden from above. Together with an experienced paraglider, you start off from Crap Sogn Gion (2,228 metres above sea level) or Naraus (1,842 metres above sea level). You will land either in Larnags (1,160 metres above sea level) or Flims (1,100 metres above M.), to the north of the base station.

Tel.: +41 79 252 40 95
Tel.: +41 81 559 49 50
Tel.: +41 79 365 10 27
Flugschule Swissfly
Tel.: +41 81 911 52 52
Tel.: +41 79 291 45 12

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On ice: Outdoor activities on ice

Here you can spin elegant pirouettes, cleverly collect points while curling or play action-packed hockey matches: a mirror-smooth ice surface offers plenty of variety for outdoor activities in winter.

Ice stock sport

A simple game that's always fun for all – ice stock sport, or ludo on ice. After all, who doesn't enjoy scuppering their opponent's chances just as they're about to claim victory? This is not the only satisfaction you will gain from this sport. Above all, it's about the social aspect, with conversation and chat aplenty.

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Natural ice field sports centre

Enjoy the winter sun on the prepared natural ice field with mulled wine or punch. The natural ice field is located directly next to the ice rink at the Sportzentrum Flims.

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Outdoor Aktivitäten und Schönwetter Aktivitäten - ideal als Ski Alternative.

Lake Laax

Lake Laax offers a wealth of winter activities for all the family. You can go hiking, perform pirouettes or play ice hockey, while your little ones learn how to ski on the kids' slopes. And in case you're cold or hungy, the Ustria Lags with its large terrace and wonderful view of the lake invites you to warm up. If you need skates for your day on the lake, you can rent them out from Menzli Sport in Laax. To check whether Lake Laax and the ice field adjacent are open, call +41 81 927 77 40.

Falera "on ice"

Falera invites you to go ice skating. Young and old can enjoy the new ice rink for free every day. In addition, a kiosk will be serving drinks and small snacks. The ice rink is located at the playground directly below St. Remigius church and is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you need skates for your day on the ice, you can rent them out from Menzli Sport in Laax. To check if the ice field is open, call +41 81 921 30 30.