Paragliding in Flims Laax Falera

High above Flims Laax Falera you can enjoy a view far over the Signina mountain range and far into the Engadin. Due to the optimal flying conditions, which are caused by the foehn, paragliders are welcome in the destination Flims Laax Falera in summer as well as in winter.

Takeoff and landing sites

The destination Flims Laax Falera offers a total of three take-off and three landing sites. The first two take-off sites are located at Crap Sogn Gion at 2200 m.a.s.l., which can be reached by cable car from Laax Murschetg. The third take-off site is located directly next to the Naraus mountain station at 1840 m.a.s.l. To check the conditions before take-off, the installed webcams and wind turbines, which can be viewed on the LAAX app, serve as an aid. Zones for landing have been set up above Falera, Laax Murschetg as well as Flims-Dorf and on the Plaun plain.

Crap Sogn Gion

Starting point n.1: 
2200m AMSL - S-SW Crap South-West, west of the Curnius chairlift.


Takeoff: Easy, flat terrain just below the hangar. 
Wind direction: South to Southwest Transfer

Attention: Please pay attention to freestylers of the Pro Line as well as Pistenbullys

Crap Sogn Gion

Launching site no. 2: 
2200m AMSL - NE
Northeast-east, height of last mast of Laax cable car.

Takeoff: Easy to medium difficult, medium steep sloping terrain
Wind direction: Northeast

Attention: Be careful at the entrance and exit of the cable car Laax - Crap Sogn Gion


Landing site no.1:
1100m AMSL from the Flims valley station follow the Foppa chairlift for 300m.


Landing: The windsock is centered on the landing field. The landing area is sloping and is mostly thermally active. Recommended for experienced pilots.


Landing site no.2: 
220 m AMSL west of the valley station of the Falera - Curnius chairlift.


Landing: Medium-sized area, directly west of the Falera - Curnius chairlift. The area is only flown in winter and does not have a windsock.


Landing site no.3: 
1620 m AMSL


Landing: Large, flat area, which is only approached in winter when the railroad is in operation. East of the Plaun valley station the landing area is very large, but there is no windsock on site. Cross-country skiers on the track have the right of way.

What you should pay attention to

Video and photo drones are often flown in the Snowpark LAAX. We ask you to avoid dangerous approaches to each other.

The landing sites in Larnags, Flims-Dorf, Falera or Plaun are often enclosed with pasture fences. Because of this, double caution is requested when loading.

Please pay attention to the game reserves in the destination during your flight. All protected areas are shown on the map.

Wildlife protection area 1: Flimserstein: At least 300 m horizontal and vertical distance.

Wildlife protection area 2: Nagens: Below 1900 m AMSL at least 300 m vertical distance

Wildlife protection area 3: Alp da Schnaus and Alp Muota: 300 m vertical distance When flying over from Crap Sogn Gion to the west min. 2400 m AMSL


SOS-Crap Weisse Arena Laax piste service

Tel. +41 81 927 74 00
Rega rescue helicopter Tel. 1414 (if possible use REGA app on cell phone)

In the LAAX app you can trigger an emergency call directly via the SOS button.