Snowpark in winter, surf feeling in summer

Freestyle in LAAX: Snowboard, Freeski, Skateboard & much more!

LAAX has been setting freestyle hearts racing for years. The surf feeling for which LAAX is so renowned in winter can also be experienced in summer on skateboards and trampolines.

Snowpark LAAX

LAAX is the world’s number one winter resort for all freestylers. Five snow parks with over 90 obstacles offer something for every demand. There are no limits to the world of variety on offer. Whether you’re making your first attempts in the beginner’s park or pushing your limits on the world’s largest halfpipe at 200 metres in length, one thing is certain: freestyle hearts will be beating fast.

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KIDS Freestyle Academy

The KIDS Freestyle Academy has everything a 0-8 year old child could wish for. In addition to sliding and climbing, they can also try out the trampoline for the first time and then later keep up with the older kids in the Freestyle Academy. Here, the little ones will find at least as many fun elements and will be undisturbed by older kids, teenagers and adults. Stay up to date and don't miss any news about the KIDS Freestyle Academy.

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Freestyle Academy

The Freestyle Academy in Prau la Selva will go on winter break on October 23, 2023, until the new hall opens in July 2024.

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rocksresort PARK

Our wave of joy. You can surf over paved waves on a skateboard, go­kart or BMX bike on the Urban Surfwave or snake run.

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Home to the world’s largest halfpipe in winter, a celebration of freestyle tradition takes place here in summer. The first Freestyle Park in the Alps at an altitude of 2,252 metres! There’s lots to explore, in­cluding the Ninja Park, GALAAXY parkour, pump track, airbags, trampoline, slacklines, mini­ramp and more. A vast playground for one and all. Not to be missed!

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Pump Track

In the centre of the village of Flims you will find the 190-metre pump track with 29 waves and 7 steep wall curves. It offers the perfect playground for anything with wheels - skateboard, bike, BMX, inline skates or scooters.

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