Yoga begins here and now

Yoga means to combine joy and freedom. Practicing balance, strength, agility and coordination will improve your skills when gliding on water, snow or in a skate park and increase the fun factor. The integration of breathing and mindfulness techniques will have a lasting effect on body, soul and spirit.

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Hiking and Yoga in Graubünden

Yoga Parcours Trin

The diverse shapes and colours that we experience and witness in the forest in Flims Laax Falera give us strength, inner peace and awaken our zest and energy for life. The hike on the yoga trail becomes an intensive conversation between man and nature and brings us closer to ourselves.

The yoga trail leads you through the middle of the large forest of Trin. At each yoga post, a wooden board explains the corresponding exercise.


Hotel Schweizerhof Flims

Yoga at Schweizerhof Flims, Romantik Hotel

The professional yoga teachers pick up the participants at their level so that beginners as well as advanced can feel comfortable. During the Schweizerhof Yoga Weeks, which take place in summer and winter, you can enjoy daily morning and evening yoga sessions.
Registration required under +41 (0)81 928 10 10 or [email protected]

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Eventhalle Flims

LB Yoga

The term Bu-do-kon comes from the Japanese and means "The Way of the Warrior Spirit". Budokon Yoga is a contemporary fusion of traditional martial arts, yoga and animal locomotion. In the yoga practice, strength is combined with concentration and it helps us to be aware of the here and now with mindfulness. The central focus in Budokon Yoga is the smooth, controlled transitions from posture to posture.

Come out of your comfort zone with Budokon yoga, mobility and powerful animal moves. Budokon Yoga is for you if you want to take your yoga practice to the next level. Together we will work on your mental strength and physical fitness!

Information about the current lessons and workshops can be found here.
Location: Flims Event Hall, Via Nova 45, 7017 Flims Dorf
Registration: Via SMS +41(0)79 290 62 36

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Stenna Center Flims

Yoga & Meditation with Viviane Oettinger

In the group classes you learn to consciously connect with your breathing and turn your gaze inwards. Powerful asanas from the traditional Ashtanga series help you to strengthen your body. You train your mind by repeatedly returning to your centre with loving openness and patience. Through mindfulness and awareness you learn to deal with resistance and discover your inherent harmony, calm and peace. I support you in your practice through adjustments - physical body contact. What we learn together on the mat may flow through you into your relationships and into society. The class is suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike.

Date: Yoga lesson every Friday at 7 p.m., 90 minutes
Place: Schulinternat Flims, Via Sorts Sut 16, 7018 Flims Waldhaus
Registration: here
Info: Private lessons on request

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Riders Hotel Laax

Treat your soul and body with yoga at Riders Hotel

Yoga with Meikel or Nadine means to train your body and increasing your awareness and well-being.

Meikels yoga is a combination of powerful movements and calm moments - it is about to pause and perceive differences. Arrive on the mat, become aware and feel your body through light movements, looking inwards. More calm. More unity. I am becoming myself - this journey began a long time ago and I am still on my way.

Let Nadine and the knowledge of the yogis inspire you to step into your own inner power and live your full potential. Experience yoga as a traditionally holistic system that works on body, mind and soul and integrate the experiences on the mat into everyday life situations. The focus is on the elements of Hatha, Jnana, Bhakti & Raja Yoga.

Location: Riders Hotel

Registration via Whats App:

Yoga - sport & balance at the same time

Whether you want to take it easy and meditate, rather work out and sweat or are looking for a physical challenge: there is something for everyone among the various types of yoga. Be it just one hour during your stay or even a yoga weekend: in our yoga offer you will definitely find what you are looking for.

You don't need to be a sports champion or flexible as a wire - Yoga is something for everyone and your personal wellness cure: It strengthens your body and mind and makes you a more balanced person. Say goodbye to stress!

You can also find current yoga offers here;