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Whether you’re a snowboarder, free skier, skater, free climber or biker, you can’t afford to miss the Freestyle Academy in Laax. Europe’s first freestyle indoor base, with an area of 1,200 m², is a modern playground for all budding freestylers.

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Winter break from 23 October 2023

Freestyle Academy Prau la Selva

For over a year, the Freestyle Academy has been at home in the circus tent in Prau la Selva and has grown close to the hearts of many employees, guests and locals. But the Freestyle Academy team is also looking forward with excitement and anticipation when the Freestyle Academy reopens in new splendor at its old location in Laax Murschetg. Until then, there is still a lot to do. That's why the temporary facility will close its doors on 23 October 2023, and the Freestyle Academy will take a winter break until the new hall opens in July 2024 at the rocksresort in Laax Murschetg. 

For weekly trainings of the contest group and the trainings for everyone, a suitable interim solution will be found in the meantime, so that the trainings can continue to take place. For children under the age of 8, the KIDS Freestyle Academy with all its offers will be available as before.

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KIDS Freestyle Academy

The KIDS Freestyle Academy has everything a 0-8 year old child could wish for. In addition to sliding and climbing, they can also try out the trampoline for the first time and then later keep up with the older kids in the Freestyle Academy. Here, the little ones will find at least as many fun elements and will be undisturbed by older kids, teenagers and adults. Stay up to date and don't miss any news about the KIDS Freestyle Academy.

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