Flims Laax Falera is pure adventure

If you prefer to spend your holidays on your bike, the Flims Laax Falera bike region is a paradise for you. Nestled in the magnificent mountain world, a 330-kilometre network of routes makes bikers' hearts beat faster. Award-winning trails await you and make MTB in Switzerland an unforgettable experience.

But there is even more to a successful bike holiday: in the immediate vicinity of the breathtaking trails you will find excellent bike hotels that are optimally tailored to the biker lifestyle. In addition, perfectly equipped service points guarantee first-class care for you and your mountain bike: holidays like you would dream of!

  • 330 Kilometres Biking Trails 330 Kilometres Biking Trails
  • 11 Mountain Restaurants 11 Mountain Restaurants
  • Trek Runca Trail Trek Runca Trail
  • Never End Trail Never End Trail
  • 3 Pumptracks / Skill Areas 3 Pumptracks / Skill Areas
  • 6 Charging stations for E-Bikes 6 Charging stations for E-Bikes

Training areas

Skill areas

Our skill areas are located at the base stations in Flims and Laax. If you want to improve your bike skills, this is the perfect place to come. Bumpy, rocky fields, see-saws, hairpin bends and drops of various heights will improve your feel and balance on the bike. Our skill areas are open from May to October.

rocksresort PARK

Our wave of joy. You can surf over paved waves on your BMX bike on the Urban Surfwave or snake run. On the waves, you have to constantly shift your body's centre of gravity and stay flexible.

Pump tracks

Pump tracks ensure maximum fun in minimum space. You can pump up all your energy on the pump tracks, with rhythmic arm and leg movements, to complete the undulating circuit. In the centre of the village of Flims you will find the 190-metre pump track with 29 waves and 7 steep wall curves. Here, kids and beginners as well as pros find optimal outdoor training opportunities all summer long.