Conduct and safety

Friendly relationships

We call on everybody to maintain friendly relationships. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our beautiful region. Accordingly, our trail network is often used by both hikers and bikers simultaneously. To ensure that everyone can have fun and enjoy a safe experience on our trails, tolerance and respect is expected from both sides.

General code of conduct

Flims Laax Falera is renowned for having some of the most magnificent, diverse scenery in the entire Alpine region. The region is home to a wealth of flora and fauna, including numerous endangered species. We therefore always show respect for nature and do everything we can to treat our world in the right way. We would also ask you to take care of the world around you:

Behavioural principles

  • Take care of the things you enjoy here.
  • Do not leave any waste behind.
  • Do not leave the designated hiking or cycling paths.
  • Use the official fireplaces at rest areas.
  • Close all gates and pasture fences.
  • Treat pasturing cattle with respect and keep your distance.

Code of conduct for mountainbikers and hikers

­­Hikers and mountain bikers alike are welcome on our hiking paths. We would ask that everybody show mutual respect to one another and enjoy the magnificent natural world around Flims Laax Falera. During high season, bikers should use popular trails at off-peak times. This will allow you to avoid busy periods on the trail without having to squeeze your bike through, meaning you can enjoy the trail without any disruptions. During hot summer days, you will be rewarded with pleasant temperatures and splendid sunrises and sunsets.

On the road on two wheels

Bikers are asked to take note of the following information:

  • Behave in a respectful manner while crossing and overtaking.
  • Hikers have the right of way.
  • Do not brake with locked wheels.
  • Respect time limits for individual trails during high season.

On foot

Hikers are asked to take note of the following information:

  • Accept the presence of mountain bikers on hiking trails.
  • Allow mountain bikers to pass without obstructing their passage unnecessarily.