Runca Trail

Fun for bikers and freeriders

Want to try out one of the longest flow country trails in all of Europe? Rookies will take on simple rollers, while pros can showcase their skills on banks and jumps. With its North Shore, dirt and freeride elements, the Runca Trail guarantees fun for freestyle-oriented bikers and freeriders. To ensure the trail is also accessible in poor weather, the wooden elements are coated in a sand-coloured paint so they are not slippery when wet.

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The route


  • Difficulty
  • Stamina
  • Panorama
  • Distance 7.6 km
Distance 7.6 km
  • Time required 30 min
Time required 30 min
  • Total descent 740m Total descent 740m

Runca Trail in detail


From the Flims valley station, take the Arena Express 2023 to the Runca Trail. 
Via the stations Plaun and Scansinas you reach the mountain station Nagens. From there you follow the signpost 694, which leads over natural roads to the Segneshütte, approx. 120 hm and 2.7 km. At the Grauberg, you have the best view of the Unesco World Natural Heritage Sardona and the Tschigelhörner. On the wide road you descend to the Segnes hut, where you can join the more demanding Segnes Trail, which joins the Runca Trail at Punt Desch.
Alternatively, you can reach the Runca Trail by bike from Flims via the Bikeroten 11G and 12G from the Flims valley station.

Punt Desch – Startgels

The first curves of the Runca Trail are flowing, with berms alternating with waves and small jumps over alpine meadows. The trail runs parallel to the mountain stream Flem, whose tributaries are crossed again and again and provide a short refreshment. After a short climb, the Runca Trail leads to Stargels, where there is the possibility to stop for a break. 

Startgels – Val gl'Urs

From Startgels, the trail first leads through sparse mountain forest, over bridges and small jumps. On the plain of Plaun gl'Urs begins the Super Marioland, a pump track in the middle of the flow trail. In Plaun gl'Urs it's time to shake out your hands, enjoy the small alpine plateau and fill up your water bottle at the fountain.
After a short steep descent, the Runca Trail leads back into the forest of Val gl'Urs. The fast and wide approach sections and jumps will be reshaped by the Biketrails LAAX crew in 2023 and the routing slightly adjusted to offer an optimal flow experience. 

Jumpline Runca Höhe

The jumpline on the Runca height is the highlight of the Runca Trail, the jumps are optimally shaped and can be jumped perfectly with the speed of the Run Up. Each jump has two jumps, so every biker finds his rhythm in this section and can jump according to his ability. After that, the route continues along a wide natural trail to Runca. The restaurant is equipped with tools and tubes and is an ideal refreshment stop for man and machine. At the Runca height there is also a barbecue area, which is ideal for a short lunch break in nice weather. 

Uaul la Runca

The second half of the Runca Trail begins at the Runca-Höhe. Wooden elements connect the rocks to form jumps, and the trail winds its way through the blocky terrain of the Flims landslide. 
The trail offers the optimal gradient for a flow trail and is considered by bikers to be the best flow trail in Switzerland. Jumps alternate with bends and small sidehits and you flow parallel to the Connbächli down to Flims.

Conduct & safety

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our region. Accordingly, our trail network is often used by both hikers and bikers simultaneously. To ensure that everyone can have fun and enjoy a safe experience on our trails, tolerance and respect is expected from both sides. 

Conduct & Safety

Flow Country Trail

Did you know that the Runca Trail received the label ‘Flow Country Trail’ from the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) in autumn 2012? All obstacles can be rolled away and are positioned to enable virtually limitless improvement of biking skills. Whether you are making your first attempt at the trail or are already a seasoned pro, one thing is certain: this trail will stir your biking spirit.