Recycling Stationen im Skigebiet Laax.

Recycling station

We believe that waste is simply raw materials in the wrong place. After all, the production of raw materials requires up to 95% more energy than recycling. This is why you will find specially developed recycling points in LAAX. Thanks to our recycling points on the mountain and in the valley, it is particularly easy to separate PET plastic bottles and aluminium from residual waste.

Laax verzichtet auf Einwegsysteme.

Reusable instead of disposable: KeepCups

Did you know that over one million disposable cups are thrown away every minute throughout the world? Consequently, we want to move away from disposable systems entirely in the future. Reusable systems are by far the most environmentally friendly form of packaging. We are trying to replace coffee-to-go disposable cups with alternative receptacles such as KeepCups. Over the course of a year, we can eradicate at least 99% of waste with KeepCups compared to disposable cups. KeepCups are available from Piazza – cafedeli, Indy Bar, Café NoName and Café Flims.

Jährliche Aufräumaktion des Skigebiets in Laax.

Clean Up Day

A PET bottle can survive for over 500 years in the mountains, while a cigarette stub can contaminate up to 1 cubic metre of snow. Even though 98 per cent of skiers and snowboarders pack up their waste, there are people who throw away their rubbish carelessly. We therefore try to clean up the environment as best we can and gather up all rubbish every spring. We organise an annual Clean-up Day to do this. Over 200 volunteers from near and far take part. We reward them with a day ticket and lunch. We also hand out free pocket ashtrays for optimal precaution.

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