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Rhine culture in Flims Laax Falera

Interested in culture? You won't be disappointed here. There are many exciting exhibitions and museums to be found around the Rhine, well worth a visit not just in bad weather.

Museums and libraries

Public tours

Duration: 1-2 hours
Time: October to February: 8 p.m. / March and September: 9 p.m. April to August: 10 p.m.
Days: Every friday and saturday. Group tours on request.

Register by telephone on
+41 81 921 65 65

Admission prices

Adults from 16 years of age
CHF 15
Children 16 years or younger
CHF 10
Group price for school classes
CHF 150

Parc la Mutta

Did you know that Switzerland's largest megalithic site is located in Falera? Around 1,600 - 1,200 BC, the people of Falera created a unique center for astronomy, mathematics and cult - the Parc la Mutta. Embark on a journey into the past on a guided tour and dive into life 3'500 years ago.

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Public tours

Duration: 2 hours

Time: every Saturday, 17 April - 22 May 2021, 9.30 a.m.

Register: One day prior until 4.30 p.m. at guest information office on +41 81 921 30 30

Prices tours

Adults from 17 years of age
CHF 15.- with guest ticket
CHF 20.- without guest ticket
Children under 17
free of charge


CULARTA forms an innovative combination of atelier house and exhibition space and is a meeting place for artists and art lovers. Art is created, exhibited and communicated in one place. It is available to artists for work on their own objects, for public workshops and exhibitions.

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The Yellow House

The Yellow House is, in fact, white. This is not the only surprise, however. Shortly before his death in 1995, the architect Rudolf Olgiati bequeathed part of his collection of cultural treasures to the town of Flims on the condition that the Yellow House, situated in the centre of the town, be renovated according to his wishes, namely that it be "painted white from top to bottom". In 1997, his son Valerio Olgiati received the architectural contract to redesign the house from the town of Flims.

Since then, the interior of the house no longer resembles its original role as a greengrocer's shop and place of residence. On the exterior, the completely chipped plaster immediately catches the eye. Inside, a real structural work of art is created through the unconventional arrangement of beams and pillars. It's well worth a visit, as the building which has won several architectural awards also houses various different types of exhibitions.

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Architecture in Flims

Not many people know that Flims is also renowned for architectural reasons. Here you can find interesting information about the architecture in Flims and find out why yellow is a significant colour in Flims.

Rudolf Olgiati (1910–1995)

The architect from Flims, Rudolf Olgiati, created a unique collection of works during his lifetime. As a follower of the New Objectivity movement, he predominantly built family homes in Graubünden and restored old aristocratic houses and farmhouses. He combined international architecture with the autochthonous Swiss architecture. These original architectural works are well worth a visit along your walk.

Valerio Olgiati (1958)

Did you know that Flims boasts some world-renowned architecture? Valerio Olgiati frequently causes a stir in international architectural circles. With the Yellow House (built 1995-99) in Flims, he created a world-famous monument. In 2008, he set up shop close to the home of his father and has worked in his black architectural office there since then.

Therme Vals

60,000 slabs of Valser quartzite stacked up in a grand architectural tribute to the archaic world of the Vals valley. Peter Zumthor did not just build a "thermal bath". He interpreted the true essence of mountain, stone and water through his architectural project. The thermal spring reflects the original sensation of bathing – physical contact with stone and the contrast of the warm water. A work of timeless elegance, and one that you cannot afford to miss.

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Cinema Sil Plaz

In a former mill in Ilanz, an extraordinary architectural space was created out of stamped clay – the Cinema Sil Plaz. Ramun Capaul and Gordian Blumenthal created a true cultural treasure for the entire region here. The building also contains the Café sil Plaz, developed by Rudolf Olgiati.

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