There is no place to be found where the water is clearer than in Flims. We do our utmost to make sure it remains that way futurely. We are just as happy about your pleasure while discovering as we are about your contribution to the wary approach when enjoying our turquoise recreation areas and of course the landscape around them. 

- Alp Mora -

For centuries, the Maliensbach on the Alp Mora has created an ice-cold refreshment - large potholes in which you can quench your scorching feet or plunge into the water. To the contrary, our mountain lakes offer more space than for a half swim stroke: at Lake Cresta and Lake Cauma not only swimming fun in unique emerald water awaits you, but also a kiosk respectively a restaurant to provide sustenance.  
Would you like to overnight right there? Marvellous, the Camping Flims is located only a couple of steps away from Lake Cauma. Here you can book an ecofriendly alternative to a camper with the little wooden pod houses, enjoy scenic sunsets and watch the squirrels bobble from limb to limb. 

- Rhine Gorge -
- Connbächli -

Hundreds of meters further down, the plentiful serpentines of the Rhine Gorge beckon. If you are wary you stand the chance to spot one or two trouts from Lake Constance between the boulders, which, thanks to successful renaturation, can once again spawn at their origin – and if you look closely you may discovery even a beaver.

Hang on until your sun protection is well absorbed as our pristine waters and the animals in and around them do not like sunscreen. If the little ones want to launch their "Borkenschiffli" in the Connbächli, please go without a LEGO captain aboard. What belongs to nature is allowed to stay, everything else has to be taken home again.



Is there anything more placid than a brightly coloured alpine meadow where marmots lounge in the sun and tireless bees busy extracting their nectar drop by drop? Or a forest that offers a superb cooling even in the hottest summer? We don’t think so and do have the one or other hidden gem for you in our casket.

- Orchids on dry grasslands -

From the bus stop Trin-Porclis a trail leads on to Val Birgla, a small canyon marginal of the Flims rockslide. The scarps are covered with orange lilies. If you go a bit further, you will arrive at the former lynchets of Planezzas, a heavenly untouched pasture land, which has gained national importance due to its biodiversity of bloomers. At the edge of the meadow you can lie back and watch the insects’ vibrant activities scuttling up and down the pedicels.

- Senda dil Dragun -
- Senda dil Dragun -

Would you like a change of perspective? In this case we suggest the Senda dil Dragun - the worldwide longest treetop walk. You can get a good look of the forest from a bird's eye view and watch the jay hatching. Careful - just like us, the jay favors to be undisturbed in its snuggery. Therefore, we continue leisurely to the Murschetg Tower. Here the curious ones can learn exciting facts about the Flims rockslide and its impact on the flora and fauna and the little ones whizz down the slide in a racy way. 

Exactly what applies everywhere else in our beautiful alpine world, is also significant in the Flims woodlands and on our beautiful grasslands - take your garbage with you or dispose it in one of our hungry trash cans. Garbage on the ground disturbs not only our fellows, but also the busy little animals that accomplish their daily tasks and can't do anything with your left ice tea box. Everything tidy? Perfect, you make the wildlife happy.

- Tower Murschetg -
- Slide Tower Mutschetg -



Our high valleys and mountains offer spectacular views and while gazing at this natural miracle also a reason to feel blessed or possibly even reverent.

- Waterfall at the Segnesboden -
- Visitors pavillon Tektonikarena Sardona -

Would you like to learn about the formation of the Alps? Get ready to discover the Segnesboden by foot, which is part of the Tectonic Arena Sardona UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you arrive at the plateau, the jackdaws will beacon you to the visitor pavilion. You should not feed the adventurous swifts. These shrewdly animals have lived well without humans for millions of years - and will keep on doing so without us. You still have your picnic in your backpack and made it up to the pavilion? Take your time, there is hardly any other place in Europe where you can understand better how the Alps were formed as good as here.

- Martinsloch -

Otherwise, you could set off for the Tschingelhörnern and explore the Martinsloch, which was according to a myth created by a furious shepherd throwing his cane. Nevertheless, this hiking route is only recommended for experienced mountain goats. Maybe it is better heading towards the Vorab glacier then? Since a few years the glacier has to be tarped-off which is a silent reminder of what happens when we get too much involved with the natural cycle. 

Ocassionally, you might feel like strolling off the beaten path during your explorations. We completely see your point here but please don’t! This is specifically applies for the winter season. If you startle an ibex or chamois while freeriding or snowshoeing, they lose a lot of the energy which they need to live through the cold time of the year. Besides, November to January is mating season for chamois and ibex and like all living creatures also the horned inhabitants of Flims do not like to be disturbed. 

- Vorab glacier -
- Chamois -



Thousands of years ago, people have been more aware of how treating nature with care almost better than we do today. In Flims we attempt to make this ancient knowledge accessible again - and to break fresh grounds how we can act best with nature and learn from its secrets without devastating it completely. 

- Parc la Mutta -
- Parc la Mutta -

In Parc la Mutta, more than 3,000 years ago, our ancestors arranged a mystic rock garden. Menhirs, that are up to 3 meters high, indicate astronomical characteristics such as the apex of the sun’s motion. Here you can make yourself comfortable on the soft grass, close your eyes and envision how people shaped this place of worship 3 000 years ago. You should only touch the menhirs cautiously and not shin up on them.

- Il Spir -
- Il Spir -

A few kilometers onwards, the Il Spir viewing platform entices - the concise building got its name from the swift that spreads its wings and sets out for its flight. For us, Il Spir is a paragon of how contemporary architecture can play appreciatively with nature and reflect its prettiness at once. If you dare to set foot onto the platform which is secured with solid railings, you will discover Isla Casti almost four hundred meters below. Just a few years ago, the hermit Anton Stury still lived here, operated a small trout farm and carried his fish up to the village every day. You can learn more about his life in an exciting documentary.

Experience the hush that is beyond silent. The night in Flims and the twinkling stars above the village are an unique example. You can get exceptionally close to them at the Mirasteilas observatory. Book a guided tour and let yourself be astonished by the mysteries of the starlit sky. 

- Mirasteilas observatory -