Nagens Trail

On the Enduro Trail over alpine meadows and past forest edges

The trail begins in open terrain and its flowing lines offer a perfect warm-up for the rest of the trail. Spiced up with a few jumps, side hits and banked curves, the trail now continues in technically rougher terrain surrounded by forest. Last but not least the new trail takes you into the legendary Green Valley.

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The route

  • Schwierigkeit
  • Kondition
  • Panorama
  • Distanz 5.9 km
Distanz 5.9 km
  • Zeitbedarf 1h
Zeitbedarf 1h
  • Gesamtabstieg 747m Gesamtabstieg 747m

The Nagens Trail


From the Flims valley station, take the Arena Express 2023 to the Nagens Trail. 
Via the stations Plaun and Scansinas you reach the mountain station Nagens. From there you follow the signpost 693, via the alpine road you reach the start of the Nagens Trail after 450m.

From Nagens to Scansinas

After the start just below the Nagens mountain station, the first stage leads across the pastures of Alp Mughels down to Scansinas. The Nagens Trail is blue in this section and is particularly suitable for beginners. With gentle curves, jumps and side-hits, the first 200 meters of altitude go by in a flash. The first section is the perfect warm-up for the following trail sections. Beginners can easily repeat this section with the Arena Express via Scansinas.

Scansinas - Green Valley

From the Scansinas station you reach the next section of the Nagens Trail via the alpine road. At first, the trail runs above the road, stony ground, small counter climbs and narrow hairpin bends demand everything from the bikers. In the forest, the roots dominate the trail character, side-lines, side-hits and rougher root passages await. For lovers of rooty trails, this section can be repeated with the Arena Express via the Plaun station.

Green Valley - Runcahöhe

A natural trail interspersed with roots, with flowing curves, side-hits and high-speed passages. Claudio Caluori and Danny MacAskill have already tested the trail as part of the Home of Trails campaign. Enthusiastic bikers will find everything their hearts desire in Green Valley. At the Runca Höhe, the Nagens Trail joins the Runca Trail, where you can relax and fill up on water at the barbecue area on the Runca Höhe or end the perfect biking day.

Conduct & Safety

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our region. Accordingly, our trail network is often used by both hikers and bikers simultaneously. To ensure that everyone can have fun and enjoy a safe experience on our trails, tolerance and respect is expected from both sides.

Conduct & Safety