Segnes Trail

As versatile as mountain biking

Do you love variety on the bike trails? The Segnes Trail is made for you with its natural character and many playful elements such as stone slabs, jumps and bends. The trail can be characterized as a moderately difficult technical enduro single trail and is designed for advanced bikers. The entrance is particularly challenging, with several sharp turns in the stony terrain. Towards Runca Trail, the trail becomes increasingly flowing and playful.

With the versatile elements and the starting point at the foot of the UNESCO-World Natural Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona, it offers a unique riding experience in Graubünden.

One trail is not enough. After the 3.7-kilometre descent, the Segnes Trail joins the flowing Runca Trail, which leads back to Flims. 

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The route


  • Difficulty
  • Stamina
  • Panorama
  • Distance 3.7 km
Distance 3.7 km
  • Time required 10 min
Time required 10 min
  • Total descent 486 m Total descent 486 m

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Segnes Trail in detail


From the Flims valley station, take the Arena Express 2023 to the Segnes Trail. 
Via the stations Plaun and Scansinas you reach the mountain station Nagens. From there you follow the signpost 704, which leads over natural roads to the Segnes hut, approx. 120 hm and 2.7 km. At the Grauberg, you have the best view of the Unesco World Natural Heritage Sardona and the Tschingelhörner. On the wide road you go down to the Segnes hut, where you can start into the Segnes Trail.

Segnesboden - Alp Platta

The Segnes Trail starts with a technically demanding and steep section, which includes some hairpin bends. From Segnesboden, the trail leads over a rocky band shaped by the Flims landslide to Cardinels.

Cardinels Section

In the Cardinels section, the trail surface changes from stone to earth. Due to the naturally built jumps, the Segnes Trail can be ridden faster and more flowing from here on, which makes it more playful and varied.

Punt Desch – Startgels

In the last section (formerly the first part of the Runca Trail), the Segnes Trail becomes flowy, with berms alternating with waves and small jumps over alpine meadows. The trail runs parallel to the Flem mountain stream, whose tributaries are crossed again and again and provide a brief refreshment. After a short climb, the trail leads to Startgels, where it joins the Runca Trail.

Conduct & safety

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our region. Accordingly, our trail network is often used by both hikers and bikers simultaneously. To ensure that everyone can have fun and enjoy a safe experience on our trails, tolerance and respect is expected from both sides.

Conduct & Safety