The tour is organized by Swiss Slackline, the rooftop organization of the regional Slackline associations in Switzerland. Most of the waterlines and midlines are already established! There will be several really long (80-150+ ) waterlines and also the possibility to rig on land or high up in the air . The gear/lines will be set up together with the organisers, since the spot has its restrictions. It is recommended to bring warm, windproof clothing, bathing suit and a wetsuit if you have one. The weather cannot always be good. Flims is on 1000 m.a.s.l. Bring also your harness for the mid- and/or highlines. Also bring ear protection (earplugs, buff, etc) to prevent eardrum ruptures from falling onto the water surface.

Event details

26.08.2024 - 01.09.2024
17:00 h
PriceYou need to book a spot at the Camping in Flims ahead of time, register first to get a rebate code:
Meeting pointCaumasee, 7018, Flims Waldhaus



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