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Already got all the "snow-how" you need?

Your kids are well looked after in Flims Laax Falera. With our wide range of courses for little ones, the pros of tomorrow will learn how to handle themselves in the snow in fun and exciting ways. And our young non-skiers certainly won't be bored in the crèche. Adults, too, are in the best of hands here, whether it's your first venture on the mountain in winter or whether you're looking to improve your technique. With the help of our professional ski instructors, you will be dashing across the snow in no time, feeling safe and secure.

Getting started is easy

Perfect ski area for beginners in Flims Laax Falera

Flims Laax Falera is the perfect ski area for beginners. You can avail of convenient lifts and professional ski and snowboard instructions here. And with our modern rental equipment, you are well equipped for a day on the slopes as a beginner or returning skier.

LAAX School
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Snow kindergarten

If your children are less than 4 years of age, then the snow kindergarten is perfect for you. To ensure that their strength, stamina and powers of concentration are not overwhelmed, we get the children used to skiing with individual instructions in the snow lasting one hour. They can spend the remaining two hours in the managed crèche.

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Group instructions in Ami Sabi Snow Wonderland

Learning to ski is a world of fun in Flims Laax Falera. In the Snow Wonderland with its unique atmosphere based around the magician Ami Sabi, your children will hear stories, sing songs and learn all about the forest, animals and mountains. And while doing so, they will learn to ski in a fun setting. Here they can happily make their first attempts, practise and get used to their skis.

Ami Sabi Slope

There's something really big for our little guests this winter. The magician Ami Sabi and his friends will accompany the newly qualified skiers and snowboarders from Schneewunderland to the slopes of LAAX. Children can now practise their first runs on the blue Ami Sabi piste at Spalegna in Flims. The ten FIS rules of behaviour for skiing and snowboarding are also explained at 5 locations along the piste. You can find the right Flims Beginner Ticket on the LAAX app or in the ticket shop.

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Advanced group courses

Are your kids gradually becoming real pros? Then it's time to hit the mountain. Here, they can perfect their technique and practise their first tricks. Parents will then have their work cut out, as the kids will soon be whizzing past you.

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Private instructions

If you want to achieve your goals even faster, a personal coach will help you with private instructions. He will adapt to your needs and take you on a voyage of discovery through Flims Laax Falera. Whether you're trying to improve your technique, learn the latest freestyle tricks or learn a Telemark knee-bending style, the choice is yours. And of course, you can also book a personal ski instructor for your kids.

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Snowboard school

Have you always wondered how snowboarders manage to pull off the spectacular tricks in the halfpipe or on the kicker? We will be happy to show you at LAAX school. If your goal is to achieve your first slide, drift, carve or lift technique, then we have the perfect guide for you.

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In our beginners' courses, we show rookies the basics of snowboarding. Sliding, frontside and backside turning, carving, lift techniques and everything involved. Parents are usually astonished at how quickly their kids start zipping around on the blue slopes or basic park lines.

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First time on a snowboard? Our coaches will bring you up to speed and teach you the essentials. And even if you're already very comfortable zipping around the slopes, we'll help you to become a real pow(d)er boarder.

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LAAX for Beginner

LAAX for Beginner stands for the latest teaching methods with maximum success, on a specially adapted terrain! You don't want to compromise and train like the pros from the beginning? Then this is your chance! The offer, which is especially designed for beginners with the highest requirements, has a lot of different features.

Tel. +41 (0)81 927 71 71, [email protected] 

LAAX for Beginner - Snowboard

LAAX for Beginner - Ski


Freeride and avalanche courses

It's been snowing all night, and once the sun comes up, it's time to get outside. What's more beautiful than being the first to leave your mark in the unspoiled snow? And to ensure you can enjoy this in complete safety, the teams at Chopp Snowboardshop in Flims and at Bergsportschule Grischa offer freeride and avalanche courses. The courses are based on the "freeride mini guide" and are made up of a theory module on the previous evening and a practice day.

Chopp Snowboardshop

Bergsportschule Grischa

Bergsportschule Alpine Action Unlimited

Telemark courses

To paint the most elegant lines into the snow with the typical step change of telemark – a great pleasure and fitness program at the same time. Telemark is the original way of alpine skiing and has its origin in the same-named province in Norway. Learn it now at the Skischule Montagnarda and at the Flims Laax Falera ski school.

Skischule Montagnarda

Avalanche Training Center

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The Avalanche Training Center (ATC) is based at the Plaun midway station. This facility simulates avalanche burials and presents a unique opportunity to learn how to locate people buried in avalanches realistically and independently. Our ATC facility was completely renovated in 2015. Using up to 16 transceivers buried around the search area, an avalanche rescue is simulated once the location has been accurately determined. The search times for each individual location can also be registered.

Technical features

  • Random or manual selection of active transceivers
  • Individual and multiple burial searches
  • Automatic probe hit signalling
  • Configurable transmission patterns
  • Flexible touch surface for realistic investigation
  • Search times displayed
  • Drill counter readable at all times
  • Information board with avalanche transceiver search phases and quick guide
  • Simple and independent operation
  • Professional and robust design
  • Compatible with all avalanche transceiver types (EN 300718)
  • Meets all applicable European and national standards
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland

Location and Download ATC user manual

The Avalanche Training Center is located at the Plaun midway station. It is the perfect site for the 100×100-metre training facility. You can reach it via piste numbers 66, 40 and 38, or from the Flims base station with the Arena Express. Here you can download the complete user manual for the ATC training facility and obtain important information for comprehensive use of the ATC.