Reduzierung von Emissionen bei Pistenarbeiten in Laax.

Efficient Grooming

To reduce emissions, we are constantly investing in the latest technologies for efficient slope maintenance. In LAAX, 224 kilometres of slopes are perfectly groomed each day for the next day of skiing. Consequently, all of our slope vehicles have an engine data system which displays the optimal speed to the driver in order to minimise diesel consumption.

Umweltfreundliches Skigebiet in den Alpen.

Lower fuel consumption

To ensure compliance with legal regulations for emission values, our snow groomers are fitted with particle filters. We employ the latest technologies with AdBlue additives to reduce emissions, as well as the first hybrid machines with up to 20 per cent lower fuel demand.

Elektroautos in der Schweiz laden.

Electric vehicles

We are very happy when our guests travel by electric vehicle. Consequently, it is a key focus of ours to continue expanding our range of charging stations for electric vehicles. In addition, it is also our goal that our own vehicle fleet will run exclusively on CO2-neutral power in the future.

Nachhaltiger Transport in der Schweiz.


The bicycle is without doubt the most sustainable form of transport. But there's a little snag in the mountains – it's often too steep to go either uphill or downhill. The perfect alternative here is the e-bike, which almost makes the mountains seem flat. Consequently, we also support all efforts to improve the transport infrastructure for non-motorised traffic. All of our operations also participate in the "bike to work" scheme every year.