Sardona app

An educational experience

Interested in learning more about how the Alps were formed, but not a big fan of museums and brochures? Not a problem. With the Sardona app, you can learn exciting information about the geology, nature and culture of our region during our visit. The app conveys the information in a narrative, visual style, making it perfect for hiking with children. As your kids are guided through the region by the groundhog Tektoni, their feet will almost lead themselves. Incidentally, the app received the bronze medal in the Design and Usability categories at the Best of Swiss Apps awards. The app is only available in German.

Data protection policy


Just download it on your smartphone or tablet and start your adventure!



Once you’ve chosen your adventure, you will find a brief overview of the selected trail with details of the elevation gain and estimated duration. You will learn all you need to know about the trail, including where to find the best refreshment points and what you need to remember in terms of safety and preparation.

How it works

When you’re here in our region and have chosen your adventure, your smartphone will use GPS location services to provide you with information at various points of your trip. This means you will have access to exciting information about the trail you are undertaking at all times, making your hike a true masterclass.


The map shows you all the key points of your tour described in the procedures. This feature shows you how far you are from the next point of interest at all times, allowing you to plan your breaks accordingly. To allow the app to detect your location, you will need to enable location services. This is the only way to access all the functions and make use of all the information available.