Bad weather program - lots of variety for indoors

Although we would like it, even in Flims the sun does not always shine. But we are not impressed by this, because throughout the whole destination you will find numerous bad weather offers. So just move the action inside, when the rain falls outside.

Freestyle Academy

In the largest indoor playground in Europe you never get bored. Practice tricks and turns on trampolines and air tracks, learn how to fly on the kickers and improve your skills in the skate bowl. The Freestyle Academy offers variety for all levels and age groups.

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Fort museum Sperre Trin

If you are looking for an adventure of a different kind, stop by the fort museum Sperre Trin. For over 60 years, this bunker was a top secret facility. Today, the extensive staircase system, the explosive objects and the Bunker kitchen can be viewed on a guided tour.

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Prau la Selva sports center

Flims is a mecca for sports enthusiasts. That's why you'll find a whole range of indoor sports facilities at the Prau la Selva sports center. Here you can let off steam in the ice rink, prove your shooting accuracy in the shooting room and surf the waves in the skate park.

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Das gelbe Haus

Flims also has something to offer for cultural needs. For example in das gelbe Haus, which offers a platform for international and regional art with two seasonal exhibitions and various side events. A visit is worthwhile alone because of the strong architecture.

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