Bike reccomendation

Three flimser bike typs tell

Biking is now one of the most popular leisure and holiday activities. No wonder the Flims Laax Falera region is a true biker paradise and has more than 330 kilometers of bike stretching, including single trails, skill areas, freeride trails and even leisurely excursions. Due to the varied offer, many different biketypes develop over time. Discover our three biketypes and their tips and then become your own biketype. So go bike now!

Barbara Lüthys Tour

# 1 The savourer. A sporty e-biker who has nothing against cozy trails!

My favourite route: Anyone who wants to enjoy the Rhine from both up above and down below should try a trip from Laax Staderas towards Trin Staziun. The forest in Flims is just beautiful. Take a break at Restaurant Conn, or pay me a visit at the Usteria Trin Staziun once you fi nish your trip in Trin Staziun.

Tour: You spend around an hour cycling almost exclusively downhill on your e-bike. In Conn, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Anterior Rhine 400 metres below from the Il Spir viewing platform (the name comes from the Romansh for “the swift”). From here, the tour continues through the wonderful Flims forest to Trin Staziun. The return leg is then mainly uphill and therefore takes a little longer, but the tour is nevertheless suitable for the sporty older biker! Trin Staziun has an e-bike charging station.

Pascal Kriegers Tour

# 2 The speeder. For him it rocks only in the steep and the descend is the coronation of a tour!

My favourite route: Anyone who likes a fast and challenging ride should really try the Vorab glacier trail towards Flims, which covers 1,800 vertical metres overjust 27 kilometres. It goes without saying, though, that this trip is only recommended for experienced and well-trained bikers. And make sure you take enough food supplies with you. Alternatively, the Runcahöhe mountain restaurant is a good choice.

Tour: The starting point for the tour is Laax Murschetg, where the ascent begins on the asphalt road towards Nagens and continues along the dirt road to Vorab, up to the edge of the glacier. Bikers can enjoy a spectacular view of the valley from an altitude of 2,566 meters above sea level. The return route takes you through a lovingly maintained single trail past Alp Sogn Martin to the Plaun plateau, where the route continues steeply downhill towards Flims. The duration of the tour depends a lot on the fitness of the biker, but can be expected to take between four and six hours. Definitely not a walk in the park!

Familie Woodtlis Tour

# 3 The Family. The parents would like to get started, but the children give the pace!

Our favourite route: With two small children, you have to choose a bike trail that is enjoyable and varied, which is why we decided on the route from Sagogn towards Ilanz. Both Sagogn and Schluein are nice places to see, and our children love stopping along the banks of the Rhine. The old town of Ilanz is also really worth a visit. For the return journey, we can recommend two places for enjoying a break – the Landgasthof Glenner and the golf restaurant VISTA in Sagogn.

Tour: You travel around 45 minutes by e-bike from Sagogn towards Ilanz, on an asphalt stretch that slopes only slightly. You cross the new bridge towards Castrisch in Schluein, and here you can stop and explore the banks of the Rhine before continuing along the river towards Ilanz. With children, the return stretch will take a little longer, around 1.5 hours.