17 September 2022

Alp-descent Flimserstein

Every September, after the cows have spent the warm summer months on the lush pastures, the traditional alp-descent Flimserstein takes place. In front of a breathtaking scenery, the farmers lead down the decorated cows over the Scala Mola into the valley of Bargis.

Guests as well as locals gather in Bargis for a delicious breakfast, called Buura Z'morga, to watch this wonderful spectacle. The farmers round up the decorated cattle in the mountain valley and brings them back to Flims via Fidaz. With a funfair, market stands, live music and much more, the traditional Alpabzug event is a wonderful experience for both young and old.


Until the cattle reach the Bargis valley 500 metres below, the farmers move them over the steep and exposed Scala Mola. The brunch hut and the Flims farmers' tavern in Bargis are the ideal place to watch the farmers perform their challenging task. In the cow fan mile in Fidaz and later at the Stallchilbi on Scheia, people meet to let the successful day come to an end together.

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