Orchids are considered unusual, precious, rare and mysterious and are sometimes referred to as the "gems among flowers". You have probably already discovered the well-known lady's slipper in the woods. But there are many other orchid species in our forests and meadows. In Sagogn and Flims alone, 35 different orchid species have been found to date. They are enchanting not only because of their flowers and their way of life, but also because of their diverse habitat requirements. On a foray through forests and meadows on the edge of the Rhine Gorge, you will experience this diversity of species, communities and splashes of color in the landscape. However, you will also learn that these species do not all bloom at the same time and that finding rare orchids requires specialist knowledge and local knowledge. Why is biodiversity particularly high in this area?

Event details

25.05.2024 09:15 - 14:15h
PriceFr. 25.00 per person (locals, guests Fr. 5.00) plus orchid brochure Fr. 5.00 (optional)
Meeting point, 7031, Laax GR


Tickets Anmeldung bis 24.05.2024, 15:00 h Gästeinformation: [email protected] 081 920 92 00


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