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Greenstyle is our answer to how we deal with the global challenges of climate change and biodiversity.

Greenstyle is an initiative of the Weisse Arena Group.

Greenstyle Book

The Greenstyle Book "how to run a sustainable alpine destination" is here! The idea of a sustainable destination is reflected on over 250 pages. Projects, ideas and many implementations that have been realised or are planned for the future within the Weisse Arena Group and the destination Flims Laax Falera are illustrated in it. The book includes chapters on energy, water, zero waste, consumption and biodiversity. 

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Get one of the limited Greenstyle Books!

You can get the book for CHF 20 at the following stores:

- Bergbahninfo in Laax
- Guestinformation Flims
- Bergbahnkassen in Flims und Falera
- Riders Hotel 
- LAAX Rental in Flims/Laax 
- Stiva Selva  Flims
- Ines Essentials STENNA Flims

All proceeds will be donated to the Greenstyle Foundation.


«Imagine transforming our destination from a consumer to a producer»

The destination Flims Laax Falera is to be transformed from an energy consumer to a producer. This vision encompasses the region of Flims Laax Falera, as well as the municipalities of Trin and Sagogn, and means nothing less than that the destination's entire energy needs can be covered by regionally produced, 100% renewable energy and that fossil fuels are no longer used. 

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Current projects

Future vision

Renovation Crap sogn Gion

The mountain station of Crap Sogn Gion was built in the 1960s and is the largest and most inefficient consumer in the current building stock of the Weissen Arena Gruppe, both economically and ecologically. The renovation of the mountain station is not only ecologically sensible, but also necessary from an economic perspective. The mountain station will therefore be renovated at a cost of around CHF 35 million. 

It offers the opportunity to transform Crap Sogn Gion from a consumer to a producer and at the same time create a new guest experience. In terms of operation and architecture, the conversion should become a lighthouse project and point the way for sustainable approaches in the tourism industry.

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Vorab glacier

The Last Day Pass

In the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona, above the Swiss village of Laax lies the Vorab Glacier. In the middle of one of the most popular snowboarding areas in Switzerland, the Snowboard Summer Camp took place until 20 years ago in mid-June. Nowadays, this is no longer possible due to the massive melting of the glacier. In the next 30-35 years we have to expect that the Vorab Glacier will have completely disappeared due to the effects of man-made global warming. We believe that it is worth fighting for this very special place and at the same time send a signal to stop human-induced climate change.

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Greenstyle Foundation

The Greenstyle Foundation is a non-profit organization - a cooperation of the Weisse Arena Group as well as committed people and enterprises of the holiday destination in the Flims Laax Falera region and region. It is dedicated to the development and protection of our environment.

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For animals and plants in our region

Protected areas

Although our main focus is on activities, respecting nature is extremely important to us. Our region is not just a popular tourism destination, but is also home to rare plants and endangered animal species in need of special protection. We rely on your support to ensure that this remains the case in the future.

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Voice of nature

Rangers in action

Flims Laax Falera with its gorges, forests, lakes and mountains is a natural wonder - and because many tourists want to experience and discover this beauty, it is also an important economic factor. It is therefore all the more important not only to use nature, but also to protect it. Ranger services play a crucial role in public relations and nature conservation. They sensitize visitors to the special features of nature, inform them about the flora and fauna worthy of protection and uncover any abuses. They are the voice of nature, so to speak. 

Since 2016, the ranger services have been in action in the Ruinaulta as well as on the Segnesböden. In the course of the planned UNESCO development of the Tectonic Arena Sardona, the ranger service is to be professionalized and expanded. The rangers commissioned by the Rhine Gorge-Ruinaulta Association provide their active services during the summer months.  Among other things, they inform and sensitize the stakeholders about important topics concerning flora and fauna. The ranger services are subject to the superior supervision of the association "Die Rheinschlucht - Ruinaulta". The association is therefore the responsible contact and signs the corresponding agreement.  

Mastercard® Europe SA supported the Greenstyle Foundation with CHF 30,000 in 2021. Specifically, the contribution will be used in 2022 to recruit, train, equip professional rangers to protect the habitat of animal and plant species around the destination Flims Laax Falera (incl. the Rhine Gorge-Ruinaulta and the Segnesböden- UNESCO Tectonic Arena Sardona). 


We really appreciate our guests driving electric cars. That's why we make sure that there are always enough charging places where electricity from renewable sources can be charged.

LAAX E-Shuttle

Travel 100% renewable (hydropower/solar energy) and without emissions with the LAAX E-Shuttle and support the environmental commitment in the region at the same time. The proceeds (CHF 24/ride) of the E-Shuttle go to the Greenstyle Foundation. The LAAX E-Shuttle can be booked between Trin, Flims, Fidaz, Laax, Falera, Sagogn, Ilanz, Valendas and Schnaus via the LAAX app.


zamMe is a Swiss ridesharing platform where users can connect with each other to fulfil their travel needs. Registered users can offer, request or book rides. The aim is to help locals and guests get to their desired destination faster than before and to reduce CO2 emissions per capita in Switzerland.

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Sponti-Car is the environmentally friendly, uncomplicated mobility concept of tomorrow. Do you need a car spontaneously? A Sponti-Car is also available in Flims Laax.

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