3 activities off the slopes

Ski patroller Senta looks after the safety of the guests in the ski area of LAAX. As a balance to this responsible task, she often pursues off-piste activities in her free time. Since 2020, she has been teaching yoga at the LAAX School and in cooperation with various hotels in the destination, offers retreats that combine activity and relaxation. She describes herself as an outdoor enthusiast and is passionate about spending time in nature. In Flims Laax Falera there is also a lot to discover off the slopes. Senta presents her three favourite activities herself: cross-country skiing, ski touring & yoga.


Cross-country skiing

Fairytale scenery

Cross-country skiing is the ideal sport for Senta, a combination of relaxation in nature and sport. Not only does it need the whole body, but it also promotes endurance and trains the torso, legs and arms. The cross-country trails in the region lead through the forest and untouched landscapes, "it looks like a fairytale landscape when it has freshly snowed," says Senta.

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Ski touring


If Senta had to name one of her greatest passions, it would probably be deep powder skiing, "the experience of nature comes first for me". She particularly enjoys being outdoors with just a few friends. "I find it challenging and I enjoy planning tours," says Senta. Planning is one of the most important points when preparing for a ski tour. The conditions and data such as weather, avalanche bulletin, wind, exposition, slope inclination and many more must be checked and the situation must also be newly assessed on site.

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Senta finds her balance to all the sports and especially to everyday life in yoga. It connects body, mind and soul. However, Senta says, "for me, it's not the movement that's in the focus, but the connection between body and mind. With yoga, she finds peace and can experience the moment for herself. "Exercises that stretch the hip flexor are very important for me, because when I'm cross-country skiing, skiing and biking, as well as sitting in the office, the flexor is always under tension," she says and immediately explains some of these exercises. 


Bridge Pose

The yoga shoulder bridge awakens the consciousness and the mind, and sharpens the senses and the gaze. Likewise, the posture is good for the heart and lungs, it gives new energy and at the same time calms the nerves and the mind.


Low Lunge

The Low Lunge is a great pose to stretch the quadriceps, hamstrings, groin and hips and promotes a full range of motion in the lower body. As such, this pose is perfect for athletes but also for those who sit at a desk all day. Because this pose stretches and strengthens so many parts of the body, there is a sense of calm and peace when the pose is released.

Downwardfacing Dog

The Downwardfacing Dog helps with back pain, stress relief and stimulates the nerves of the spine. It also stretches and strengthens the legs, shoulders and arms. It helps with tiredness, reduces insomnia and helps with headaches.