Snowpark girls

The history of the LAAX snowpark includes many girls who have made it what it is today. Whether they are locals or international riders, girls who show their tricks in the snow parks or who work behind the scenes as shapers or baristas to ensure a perfect day. We would like to introduce you to some of these girls.


Sina Candrian

Sina Candrian has been a LAAX local all her life. She grew up in Flims and learned to snowboard at a young age, so she has known our parks, slopes and groomers for a long time.

Sina's big passion for snowboarding is what eventually led her to turn pro and become a well-known slopestyle and big air rider. While her winters mostly consisted of following the contest circuit around the globe, she spent most of her free time in LAAX. The fact that she stopped competing in FIS competitions this winter doesn't mean she won't continue to snowboard, shoot films and take great photos. All the more reason for her to enjoy her home now.

Sina Candrian's LAAX story

From far away

Jiayu Liu

We are proud to count Jiayu Liu to our LAAX-Team since 2019. The Chinese female snowboarder came to LAAX for the first time at the LAAX OPEN halfpipe contest 2018, came in 1st place and fell in love with the resort. In 2020 she was on the podium again, in 3rd place.

What she likes most is the great range of our parks, which are shaped several times a day. She is very proud to be part of the community which defines LAAX. A community where everyone is friendly to each other and happy to help anywhere they can.

Jiayu Liu's LAAX story




How the snowpark scene in LAAX has changed over the last 10 years

Crap show documentary girls

Since 2010, the Snowpark LAAX has had its own show with the Crap Show. The Crap Show Documentary is intended to capture the best moments of the past 10 years once again - and of course the girls who make up snowpark LAAX must not be missing. 

Sina Candrian, Celia Petrig, Hrund Hanna Thor and Elena Graglia are just a few of a great number of girls who showed their skills in the past few years. But if you’ve been following The Crap Show for a while, you for sure know Joëlle Juchli “JJ” and you’re probably aware of the insane amount of style she carries along. Saying her riding inspired a lot of girls to ride our park is an understatement! Her insane performance in The Crap Show was a driving factor of the existence of a vivid girls snowboarding scene in LAAX. When Joëlle came to LAAX there were only 4 girls who regularly trained in the park, now there are far more. 

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Girls Tips

Joëlle is a firm believer that women encourage each other: When women see tricks on other women, they want to try the trick too. Her advice to all girls who want to try tricks in the park: "Don't give up, try again and have fun!"
Joëlle Juchli


For her, the P60 is the perfect park for training. Here you can go fast or slow and also wait for others in between. Of course, there are always a lot of spectators at the P60. But she doesn't see that as a reason to be discouraged or unsettled. In her opinion, they watch out of joy and don't care what tricks you do.  
Celia Petrig

No Name Girls

The girls of the Caffé NoName take care of the well-being of the snowpark LAAX community. The Caffé NoName is widely known in the scene. It is the meeting place on the Crap sogn Gion for all freestyle enthusiasts who need a break from shredding. Of course, all guests who don't ride in the snowpark are also very welcome. The best thing to do is watch the pros do their tricks over a really good coffee.

The Crew
The team around Meli is a well established gang. There is no strict division of tasks among the girls - from barista to cashier, clearing up and kitchen tasks, everyone does everything.

If Meli were to describe her team members, it would sound like this: She herself is a clumsy person, Christina is the Spanish girl in the team with a never-ending smile. Caroline is the linguistic talent and attentive like no other. Nici is the organisational genius of the crew. Shannon is clearly the mood maker among the girls and then there is Mariell, who is always there when you need her.

At the end of the season, the crew goes on a tip trip. Since the time they have together outside working hours is very limited, they collect all the tips so that they can go on a trip together after the season.