These are the top local bike trails

The Flims Laax Falera region is a true biker's paradise and has more than 330 kilometres of bike trails. In addition to the two freeride trails Runca Trail and Never End Trail, there are many other trails to conquer on your bike. We reveal great enduro trails and a special tip from local Armin Beeli.

Pedal pays off

Vorab Trail

The single trail descent leads through alpine terrain via Camona Vorab. The marked trail winds through the alpine rocky landscape and across alpine meadows to Alp Sogn Martin. Here follows a short climb to Mughels, where the route joins the Nagens trail. At the beginning the trail is quite easy, but in the middle it becomes technically more demanding with rough root passages. At the end, the focus is once again on the flow experience.

The easiest way to get to the Vorab glacier is with the Arena Express to Nagens. From Nagens up to the Vorab glacier you have to pedal.

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Stony single trail

Crest la Siala

Either take the gondola from Murschetg up to Crap Sogn Gion or pedal up via Falera. From Grap Sogn Gion, there are only a few metres of altitude difference to the start of the descent. Once at the start, you have a wonderful view from the Vorab glacier over the Flimserstein down to Flims. From the start of the Crest la Siala down to the stream, you follow a rocky single trail where fun is guaranteed. You continue along the stream to the Plaunebene, from where you take the Nagens Trail to the Runcahöhe and then the Runca Trail to Flims.

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Across alpine meadows and along forest edges

Nagens Trail - the Green Valley

The world's first trail to be built using 100% renewable energy. The result: a 6-kilometre long enduro trail with the spirit of greenstyle.

The trail starts in open terrain and offers a perfect warm-up for the rest of the trail with its flowing lines. Laced with a few jumps, side-hits and bends, the trail continues in technically rougher terrain surrounded by forest. Last but not least, the new trail leads you into the legendary Green Valley.

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Single trail adventure

Crap Masegn Loop - Armin's Enduro highlight

This tour combines technical, rocky, partly blocky passages with very flowy sections. A single trail adventure at its best.

After getting off the gondola, you head to the Caffè NoName for a delicious coffee or even brunch. Strengthened, you will then have to pedal up the first few metres of altitude on a wide alpine road towards Crap Masegn. From here on, the single trail fun begins. Through stony, partly blocky terrain, with individual stream crossings, you finally reach Alp Sogn Martin on narrow single trails over barren alpine meadows.

After a short and painless climb, you enter the upper part of the Nagens Trail. From here you ride over technical single-track sections to Runcahöhe and then reach the Runca Trail and Flims.

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