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You want to know where locals spend their time in Flims Laax Falera?
Our local tips will tell you exactly that.

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Local Tip from Christina

Ruine Belmont

In spring it always takes a while until I can do my favourite summer activity.

First the sun has to melt all the snow, then the hiking tours around Flims are on the agenda. That's why in May I usually test all my outdoor equipment with friends on the Belmont ruins as a season kick-off. The first night outdoors with this magnificent view over Flims is always something very special.

For me the absolute spring classic.


Local Tip from Julian

Mutta Sura

When the mountain is still covered with snow, but the valley is already green in spring, it is time to get your bike ready.

Mutta Sura in spring is for me the trail that starts the season in Flims. In April and May, the trail is not yet very frequented by hikers and those you meet greet friendly.

With its roots and fast, tight bends, this is one of the coolest trails in Flims. Simply the perfect run in the evening!

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Local Tip from Nadine

The Mountain Lodge on the Segnespass

In midsummer, when it is already really warm and all the snow has melted up there, nothing is better than a wonderful hike over the upper Segnesboden, past Martinsloch and Tschingelhörnern.

Once you arrive at the Mountain Lodge, you can enjoy the magnificent view, ingenious Kaiserschmarren and a night in a cosy dormitory.


Local Tip from Senta

Piz Grisch

In my opinion, the Laaxer Stöckli or Piz Grisch offers a wonderful overview of the whole area. You are high up and can sit there for hours and just look into the distance.

For the way up you can take the Graubergbahn and then over the Grischsattel on the blue-white Alpinwanderweg up to the top. This is really fun. A small detour from the Grischsattel to the oven is worthwhile.

For the way back I recommend the way via Vorab over the beautiful landscape direction Sogn Martin to Alp Nagens, unique!

From there, one can also take the bus back so that you do not have to walk down everything.

Local Tip from Lisa

Cathedral Bargis

From the mountain house Bargis you follow the Aua da Mulins and reach the Bargis valley.

On the way, it is worthwhile to look back time and again, as you get a wonderful view over the Bargis plain. Behind the Alp Rusna, there is the narrow entrance to the "Cathedral", where two waterfalls rush down over the steep rock walls.

Easy to reach on foot, by bike or e-bike.

Local Tip from Urs


On my first trailrunning tour, I discovered somewhat of the most beautiful places in the region.

The trail goes along the hiking trails from the Segenshütte up to the upper Segenesboden, then towards Segenspasshütte and over the lower Segenesboden back to the start. The unique landscape at the foot of the Tschingelhörner almost let you forget the effort of running uphill.

Access the trail from Nagens, Naraus or Grauberg. And if you want an even greater Segens Trail experience, walk up to the Cassons, around the "Oberen Segenesboden" or to the Segnespass Hut for a stopover. Have fun running!

  • Short tour: 8 km long, ascent 520 meters
  • Long tour: 10 km long, ascent 690 meters


Local Tip from Franz

Pinut - the historic via ferrata

For me, the via ferrata Pinut is the ideal day trip to show the region to friends and acquaintances from a different perspective. An impressive view and a little thrill included.

The via ferrata Pinut leads with ladders and over footbridges through the Flimserstein. Caves are crossed and one or the other spectacular spot is on the way up.

I am always happy when I hear a "wow" and "ohh" from my companions. As one is secured to the permanently installed steel ropes with a climbing harness and karabiners, the way through the Flimserstein does not present any technical difficulties. In some places, however, a portion of head for heights is needed.

Depending on the time of year and with a little luck, you can sometimes see game moving effortlessly through this steep terrain. As a human being you feel very clumsy in comparison.

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Local Tip from Sina Candrian

Urban Surfwave

Skating or biking in the bowl and snake run is all about flow, style and the right choice of lines.

I like to spend time on the skateboard, because I am never alone. Time and again you meet old acquaintances or get to know new interesting people. The more is going on all around the bowl the more fun and motivating it is. It's cool to learn new tricks with friends. The "concrete playground" in Laax Murschetg is for young and old, for beginners and for professionals - for everyone it has a challenge at the right level! Here you will always find a fun crowd and a good atmosphere.

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Local Tip from Nicole

Crap Signina viewing platform

After work I like to walk occasionally to the viewing platform Crap Signina. From there you have a great view of the Piz Signina and the beautifully situated neighbouring village Sagogn.

The viewing platform Crap Signina is easily accessible from Laax. You can walk up from the bus stop Demvitg in the direction of Laax village. On the right side you will find an underpass which leads to the other side f the main road. It´s a circular path so it doesn´t matter where you start.

The path runs along parts of the Rhine Gorge over beautiful meadows. If you are lucky you can watch the deer and roe deer along the way.

Perfect for a warm summer evening walk!

Local Tip from Marco

Piz Miezgi

­­One of my favourite places around LAAX is the Piz Miezgi, the northmost point of the Signina group.

At 2401 meters, high above the Ruinaulta and right in front of LAAX.It is an amazing place to have the perfect view of the region.Tödi, Hausstock, Tschingelhörner, Segnes, Flimserstein, Ringelspitz are all in front of you when looking north.
When you start turning around, in good weather days, you can see all the way to the Finsteraarhorn in the Bernese Alps and Piz Terri and Reinwaldhorn are just there to the south.
For me, the most impressive view is the one to the east, straight toward the bigger summits of the Signina group, they are so close that it seems you can touch them.

Getting to Piz Miezgi It is an easy hike (or run) starting from Riein or Dutjen over wonderful forest, meadows and pastures.

Local Tip from Corsin & Lio

Crap Mats

Lio and I prefer to do the tour on a beautiful autumn day, when the visibility is really good in the dry air. We drive up to Alp Mora by Jeep and then walk to Tegia Culm (2247 m.a.s.l.) and from there to Laghet (small lake at 2517 m.a.s.l.).

At Laghet Lio has a short break for a swim before we start the very steep ascent off the beaten track to Morchopf (2940 m.a.s.l.). Arriving at Morchopf, there is only a short way to Crap Mats (2946m.a.s.l.) with a fantastic 360° view of the Ringelspitz, Domleschg and Oberland. On the Crap Mats we have a well deserved picnic. With filled batteries we go down the south flank of the Crap Mats towards Alp Mora and the glacier mills where we have another bathing stop for Lio.

On the tour there is more to see besides the fantastic view. Many marmots and if you are lucky you can even find chamois, capricorns and also edelweiss.

Local Tip from Melanie

Lag da pigniu

After a short drive of approx. 20 min past Ilanz, before Rueun up and past Pigniu, we stand in front of the big dam of Lag da pigniu.

The five minute walk up to the reservoir is not difficult and perfect for families.

The tour to the left around the lake is only suitable for older children. On the right side of the lake there is a road that leads to the back. The steep mountain walls, which shoot up to the left and right, are very impressive and behind at the steep mountain walls beautiful waterfalls come down. At the steep mountain walls, on the shore of the lake, there is a barbecue area with a unique view of the waterfalls.

The children have space to play in the sand and mud or to follow the river to the waterfall.

Ideal for a leisurely walk with children.

Local Tip from Laura

River Rafting

In summer, being outdoors is a must. Preferably active.

Especially in May and June, rafting on the Rhine is an ideal activity. As the snow melts, enough water comes from the mountain to make the experience special.

Waves, rapids and a quick float in the calm water offer real variety. Whether half-day or full-day tour - the route from Ilanz to Reichenau through the Grand Canyon of Switzerland brings fun, variety and makes you believe that you are not in the mountains.

The evening can be rounded up at the rocksresort PARK with carving or at one of the many public barbecue areas in the surrounding area.

Local Tip from Silvana

Alp Dadens Sut/ Mutta da Ladir

In my opinion, a comfortable Sunday hike is characterized by a varied view and moderate climbs.

That's why I prefer to take the chairlift from Falera to Curnius (1600 m.a.s.l.), from there the path leads towards alp Dadens Sut - past a beautifully situated barbecue area. If you choose the short variant (Curnius - Alp Dadens Sut (1737 m.a.s.l.) - Falera), you can rest here with a good conscience.

For the others the hike goes past the alp, always in the direction of Mutta da Ladir (1800 m.a.s.l.). The trail leads through woods and over wonderful alpine pastures. Once arrived, the view opens up to the surrounding mountains and the Grisons Oberland.
Simply fantastic!

From now on it goes down the valley to Senda Sursilvana Ladir - Falera.

Local Tip from Claude

Flims forest

At the weekends I love to enjoy the atmosphere in the Flims forest with my dog Davinci.

The trail starts in Laax Murschetg and leads along the Ual Draus over the cantonal road to the mystical Lag Tulertig, which is filled with water only three months a year. Here you can enjoy nature, meditate undisturbed on a bench and free your mind.

We walk to Lake Cauma and from there to the viewing platform "Il Spir". Here you can recharge your batteries while enjoying the vastness.

Then we continue via Conn to Lake Cresta - my favourite lake. Peace and inspiration are everywhere. At Lake Cresta, I take a dip into the water, read for a while under my favourite tree and treat myself to a piece of tart in the Restaurant Crestasee.

Then it's time to go back to Flims along the Flem and past the waterfalls. Last but not least, a trip to Ella, where I enjoy the best coffee in town.

Local Tip from Bianca

Trutg dil Flem

Especially now, when so much water is coming down the Flem, the visit to the "Känzali" is worthwhile.

One of my favourite jogging rounds starts above Flims.A ravine further back I enter the waterway "Trutg dil Flem". After 5 minutes there is a junction where I turn left. From here the "Känzali" is located only 50 meters the way down. It is a small viewing platform with a view over the stream Flem.

I think it looks a bit like in Canada when the water flows down between all the trees and stones. The way then leads all along the brook up to the bridge "Punt la Runca".

From there you can go on to Runca, continue the waterway or walk back to the village. In rainy weather, the atmosphere is even more mystical.

Local Tip from Tobias

Fireplace Scrausch

A little off the beaten track in Flims and Laax lies the Scrausch fireplace in Trin. A small place with everything you need for a relaxed barbecue afternoon.

In addition to a fireplace with a barbecue grill and wood, there is a well, a table with a bench and if clouds should come up there is a small hut next to it. Since this summer there is even a compost toilet.

My tip: Take a hammock with you and have a siesta after the barbecue.

How to get there?

From the car park Trin Porclis (at the fortress museum Sperre Trin) you follow the path towards Trin Digg. After approx. 10 minutes (750m) you reach your destination.

Note on your own good:

You can also find these and other fireplaces via the LAAX app. Simply click on the filter symbol under Info -> Map on the bottom right and select Activities -> Fireplace.

Local Tip from Markus


In my opinion, you have the best panoramic view of the region from the Laaxerstöckli. For the fearless and free from giddiness, you hike from the Grauberg mountain station along the ski slopes to the Laaxerstöckli. During the freestyle hike, you have the opportunity to observe various animals! At the top, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the destination.


Walking off the beaten track is not safe. Don't disturb cows and don't trample meadows.

How do you get there?

Chair lift from Flims to Foppa. Walk to the Grauberg cable car. From Grauberg mountain station via ski slopes or white/blue/white hiking trail to Laaxerstöckli. Return via Vorab/ Alp Nagens and with the shuttle back to Laax.

Local Tip from Claire

Barbecue area Mutta Falera

I prefer to spend a summer evening at the barbecue area in Falera.

Behind the old church, you can grill and enjoy the magnificent view. While the sunset it is most beautiful. After barbecuing you have to take a walk in the Parc La Mutta. The Parc La Mutta is the largest, most important and under archaeological protection placed megalithic complex of Switzerland, which originated in the Bronze Age. It combines astronomy, mathematics and Bronze Age cult. The area around the old church in Falera invites you to linger and discover at the same time.

Local Tip from Gian

From Trin to Bargis

One of my favourite hikes at the end of summer is the one from Trin Dorf via Alp Mora to Bargis. The hike is very long, but it is definitely worth taking a whole day off.

I drive up from Trin Dorf to Maiensäss "Mun" or "Maliens". From there I hike to Alp Mora. Here you have a wonderful view over the tree line. Then I walk up to the alp hut after " Muletg ", where I then take the path direction " Plaunca Dira ". Before I walk down I enjoy the view of Chur, over the Viamala valley to Laax. The trail leads me past "Lavadignas" to the Bargis plateau and from there I walk along the stream "Val Turnigla" to the restaurant. There I have the possibility to hike the alp path to Trin Mulin or to take the shuttle bus to Flims Dorf.

The tour is characterized by beautiful views and diverse nature. The chance of seeing chamois, marmots or ibexes is high, especially if you start at sunrise.

Local Tip from Rafaela

Ruins of Belmont

A visit to the ruins of Belmont is a must for any visitor.

From here you can enjoy a wonderful view over the whole valley. It is most beautiful in the evening during the sunset.

The ruin Belmont is situated in the forest between Flims-Fidaz and Alp Bargis on a 50 metres high cliff. The ruin can be easily reached on foot in half an hour from the car park on the edge of the forest.


Local Tip from Madlaina

Nagens - Lower Segnesboden - Trutg dil Flem

I like to spend the beautiful autumn days hiking.One of my favourite destinations for a leisurely hike is the Segnesboden.

I take the bus from Laax Murschetg to Alp Nagens and walk towards Grauberg. From there you have a wonderful view over the whole plateau, which also presents itself in autumn in lush green. I circle the whole Lower Segnesboden and the Tschingelhörner, the moor landscape and the changing water courses amaze me again and again.

In the Segneshütte I enjoy a coffee break with a view over the whole valley. Afterwards I go along the Trutg dil Flem for lunch in the Ustria Startgels. There they have a delicious autumnal lunch. After that I follow the Trutg dil Flem again to Flims.

Local Tip from Selina

Viewing platform Il Spir

Would you like to go on a trip with friends or family?

Then I suggest hiking to the Il Spir viewing platform. From Flims Waldhaus you walk about 45 minutes. Once you arrive at the viewing platform, you have a breathtaking view over the Rhine Gorge.

Before you walk back home, you have to stop at the restaurant Conn. The short hike is a great experience for young and old.

Local Tip from Dominic

Rhine Gorge

There are numerous trailrunning trails in LAAX. However, as soon as the snow line continues towards the valley, the possibilities becomes more limited.

Nevertheless, the Rhine Gorge is always a highlight - summer and winter alike. One of my favourite routes is the big Rhine Gorge round with all its wonderful corners and impressive viewpoints.First you enjoy the ingenious view into the Rhine gorge from Mutta Sura, run along the trail towards «il Spir» and then follow the impressive landscape along the gorge over the railway bridge.

After about 14km, you should not miss the refreshment stop at Valendas station. Strengthening in the broom tavern is «necessary» to master the steep ascent over Salums towards Laax.

Route lenght: 20km | 800Hm

Local Tip from Manu

Railway hike for families

A leisurely stroll through the Rhine Gorge with a toddler is the perfect day trip in autumn. The temperatures are still quite warm at 600 m.a.s.l. and the children don't have to be wrapped up like on the mountain.

The arrival and return journey with the Rhaetian Railway is an experience in itself. Travelling by train is relaxed and a real adventure for children. Especially on Sunday, when the open adventure train drives through the Rhine Gorge.

The section from Versam to Valendas can be easily walked. The trail runs through forests and clearings, with a beautiful view of the gorge and the surrounding mountains. The kids can marvel at the most impressive part of the Rhine Gorge from their carrying backpack or take a nap. Rushing streams, bizarre sandstone towers and vast forests await you in the Swiss Grand Canyon.

My little one loves the nature playground. What could be nicer than playing in the unique floodplain landscape with the stones carved round by the water or making your first long distance throwing attempts? With a little attention, you can also discover beaver tracks along the way.

At the end of the hike, a cosy café at Valendas station invites you to eat and drink before the return journey with the Rhaetian Railway, on which you can once again experience and enjoy the Rhine Gorge.

Local Tip from Natalia

Family stroll

We start at the St. Martin church in Flims. From here you follow the road up into the forest. The path leads past farms, small streams and cow meadows. Especially the last one fascinates my little hiker a lot.

Along the way you will find resting places where you can enjoy a picnic together with other hikers.

Whether for berry picking in summer, mushroom gathering in early autumn or simply as a family outing - the walk is definitely worth it.